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Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Awards--stadium Lights,tennis Court Light

Sep 21, 2016

Li Yang photovoltaic modules CHEM what street race three generations Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Awards

【frontp [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Award for being hot for registration. stadium lights,Li Yang photovoltaic modules to bring its street race three generations CHEM 2015 Annual Engineering LED Golden Globe awards the best products. backpfrontp According to reports, this module has a distinct design advantage. led stadium light,Its body structure uses the next big small fin cooling structure (patented technology) of high thermal conductivity of aluminum, high power led flood light,in order to achieve good heat dissipation function; the use of ultra-high-surface design and a free zero air gap light lens technology (patented technology) In fully meet CJJ 45-2006 city road lighting design standards under the premise of the lens to achieve light transmittance rate of up to 99.2%.tennis court lights, backpbackpfrontp high-energy, superior thermal performance, excellent light distribution performance program, are significant advantages of this module. Li Yang Huang Ming photoelectric Marketing Manager, led road light,said module with high thermal conductivity of aluminum profiles and meet the hydrodynamics of cooling (patented) technology to reduce the temperature rise, 1000W led flood light,junction temperature rise of less than 10 degrees (single lamp beads driven to 1W) can effectively extend the lamp life; module luminous efficiency can reach 120-160lm / W, beyond the normal LED lights 50%, RGB led flood light,compared with sodium lamps saving up to 80%. backpbackpfrontp Li Yang Yang, vice president of photoelectric manufacture are told Engineering LED, Li Yang photoelectric current LED modules can achieve daily production capacity of 12000PCS, the whole lamp over 3000 lights, outdoor lighting on the entire lighting efficiency to achieve the industry's highest level, reach 170LM / W, led stadium light,prices are very competitive, under this seemingly paradoxical phenomenon, the hidden cost is Li Yang photoelectric for strict control. Light source, lens and other aspects of foreign optoelectronic components legislation are developed the production, reducing the lamp beads, lenses, China led light,cooling and other parts of the procurement chain,high power led flood light potentially reducing the cost. backpfrontp Li Yang photoelectric whether such a high cost-effective products won the Golden Globe this year, LED Engineering Product of the Year, we'll see.