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Energy Photoelectric Golden Globes: Mining Lamp Cooling Technology Patent No Longer 'fever'

Oct 17, 2016

 LED zhuangao similar [Text / Engineering LED Xiongyu Heng] and LED stadium lights, LED bay light due to the greater power, light a long time, there are also heat problems. Therefore, the industry's research revolves around mining lamps radiator pieces, always ceased, performance Shenzhen-energy photoelectric Company (hereinafter referred to as the giant energy photovoltaic), and can be described as remarkable. backpfrontp energy photoelectric high power LED flood light mining lamp uses patented HDT brass rivets phase change technology, will be efficient copper heat pipes directly bonding distance, the performance of heat pipes to play the most, greatly enhance the thermal effect, cooling capacity than traditional cooling High 1000 times. Ray Chan energy photoelectric marketing director noted. backp energy photoelectric LED Bay Light SPC200H13-HL7S-120CW-4backpfrontp energy photoelectric The participation Engineering LED Golden Globe (Best Product Award) named SPC200H13-HL7S-120CW-4backpfrontp of LED mining lamp, is the use of the above-mentioned patent cooling technology. backpfrontp At the same time, the product also uses heat pipe cooling technology riveted fins, the heat generated by the light source \u0026 Phi; 6mm heat pipes quickly transfer to the large fins and comes out of the cooling module, to quickly lower the temperature of the light source, extending the life of the 1000W LED flood light source; 3D three-dimensional heat, cooling modules implied duct, transparent inside and outside, up and down the duct and fins formed 3D stereoscopic cooling, heat better. Advantages backpfrontp this product also includes Philips SMD3030 light source, the entire lighting efficiency of up to 110LM / W; use Meanwell power supply, stable performance; optical corrugated reflector, more uniform light distribution; innovation pressure solid process, the heat source and heat sink close riveting, minimizing thermal contact resistance, extreme heat, compared with similar products, the weight of the lamp is greatly reduced. backpfrontp compared with similar mining lamps, mining lamps that patent a 50% weight reduction, volume reduction of 20%, while the cost savings of more than 20%. Lei Chan said that since the subsection mining lamps from the market, has been highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers. In particular it is Europe, America and Australia markets, for which led tunnel lights orders, back to a single and continuously. backp