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Endogenous Extension' Liard Consolidated Gross Profit Margin Over 38%--oak Led Flood Light

Sep 24, 2016

'Endogenous extension' Liard consolidated gross profit margin over 38%

 As a leading enterprise in the LED display, Liard (300,296) every move for the industry particularly concerned about the disclosure of the report of more people want to see it.stadium-lights backpfrontp August 24 evening, Riyadh announced the first half of 2015 performance report. 2015 January to June, led-stadium-light the company achieved operating income of 600 million yuan, an increase of 45.8%, net profit of 81.3484 million yuan, achieving an increase of 50.67%. Net profit margin reached 13.56%, while consolidated gross profit margin to maintain the industry's relatively high, reaching 38.72%. backpfrontp base too small for Riyadh,high-power-led-flood-light this growth rate is not small. Promote endogenous business development, mergers and acquisitions to expand the extension, it is Riyadh's development strategy. Liard chairman Li Jun said. backpfrontp semi-annual report, the company's LED TV ushered in a small pitch outbreak of the date of this report announcement,1000W-led-flood-light new television entered into a single small spacing 540 million yuan, 1.1 billion of orders will be completed during the year target. This includes the overseas earnings of overseas profitability significantly improved due brought.RGB-LED-flood-light This is the basis of endogenous Liard survival and development. backpfrontp the other hand, the extension of the business point of view, since last year, opened a large-scale acquisitions Liard action. So far, Riyadh has successfully acquired five domestic holding companies. Semi-annual report, the company acquired, the Internet Yida and Jinda lighting has contributed profit during the reporting period, Lai Fung culture,led-flood-lighting Jin Xiang and goods can photoelectric will contribute to profits in the third quarter. Internet Yida and Jinda lighting exceeding 2014 performance commitment,led-bay-light is expected to be significantly exceeded 2015 performance commitment. backpfrontp It is worth mentioning that this year Liard also generous PLANER acquisition of the US company,tennis-court-light pioneered the GEM companies to acquire foreign companies precedent. After the merger PLANAR, Riyadh is expected in 2016, the US subsidiary operating income will reach 1.5 billion yuan, led-tennis-light net profit will be more than 100 million yuan. Originally gross profit up 44.59% of the overseas market, is expected to achieve higher profits.gym-lights backpfrontp Liard aspect also said that after the acquisition, the company will strive to achieve the strategic objectives inside and outside the high-speed balanced revenues and profit growth. backpfrontp fact, Riyadh's four business segments: LED small spacing TV, LED display and integrated,led-arena-light LED intelligent lighting, LED style education, media, both endogenous and extension of the strategic plan to develop steadily. Earnings from the domestic market to overseas, from R \u0026 D to the epitaxial endogenous mergers and acquisitions,led-tunnel-light including the Foreign Secretary of this road, Liard drifting stable.