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Emerald Advent Replacement Market Sales Continue To Grow In The First Half Solid Capacitors---oak Led Stadium Light

Oct 21, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin With the current LED industry to accelerate the pace of consolidation, as stadium lights LED supporting capacitor industry, an increasingly competitive market, the presence of varying quality, intense price war , life assurance, and other difficult issues, especially in the market is particularly strong performance liquid capacitors. backpfrontp Emerald chairman Liu Yong Peng said the first half of this year LED stadium light liquid capacitance is very competitive, prices have fallen sharply, resulting in decreased gross margins, affected, to a certain extent, affected the first half of the overall revenue of the capacitor. backpfrontp Beginning this year,LED street lighting emerald replace the liquid-solid capacitor capacitance solutions to expand as the company's focus, from the sales point of view, the first half-solid capacitor sales increased significantly year on year in 2014, is expected to grow next year will be even more pronounced. First half, emerald clear positioning capacitor industry value chain, through its own research and development and international technical cooperation, develop new products, and guide market segments, customer demand-driven, providing customers with competitive liquid electrolytic capacitor, solid state capacitors, super capacitors and other capacitor products, and ultimately form a complete capacitor product line.Liu Yong Peng said the company's super-capacitors and super capacitors monomer module has been successfully developed and exhibited at this year's Shanghai International Industry Fair supercapacitor in.  With the rising industry standards and customer requirements, to the capacitor business has brought new challenges. In response to this trend, emerald sales direct sales by the high power LED flood light manufacturers and other customers to provide quality aluminum electrolytic capacitor products, to obtain the corresponding product sales revenue. backpfrontp addition, emerald-term research and development, manufacturing process with independent intellectual property rights formed a series of core technologies in the capacitor, particularly the electrolyte formula,1000W LED flood light electrolytic capacitor production of key equipment manufacturing technology and design and process control technology with a very Strong specificity. Addition, Emerald important product technologies are applied for patent protection, high voltage solid state capacitors plan to apply for international patent protection, increasing the scope of protection of key technical personnel selected as a loyal staff, and signed a technical confidentiality agreement.gym lights Above the core technology of great significance for the future development of the company.