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Ed Power: Power Supply Market To Be 'broken Down' Only Way Out!

Feb 27, 2017

 From last year, I continued thinking about a problem, how to make LED stadium lights drive this industry can be life and maintain sustainable vitality, then I found the answer. This year, in the power industry generally poor market situation, but also to verify the accuracy of my answer. Tangrun Lin, general manager Ed Power told reporters. What backpfrontp Tangrun Lin mouth answer is not surprising, but every word Abas \u0026 mdash;? \u0026 mdash; the power industry segments backpfrontp truly Indeed, from the beginning of this year, as the representative of the indoor power drive products generally bargain! serious, even had more than 50 yuan of Tridonic are sold close to 30 yuan bottom line, some domestic LED stadium lighting drive power companies are also devastated, all sigh this year not to do business. backpfrontp with indoor small power supply as the core product of charity, from last year, from segment layout, and gradually to be a breakthrough, I think in the power market gradually matured today, only to do so in the subdivision have a way out . Tang Runlin representation. backpfrontp It is understood that the Shenzhen charity specializing in high power LED flood lights driver power supply has been more than ten years of history, the current product line in segments, contains SCR dimming, panel lights, track lights, tube lighting and other types of power, while the high-end business according to field focus on creating jewelry lighting, and quality characteristics Ed slim, ultra mini design, unique personality hot layout, layout techniques, in the power market also acclaimed. Tang Runlin backpfrontp backp general manager Ed power because our thinking must change, this market is not a simple low price and good quality of this product will be able to simply dominate the market, 1000W led flood lights but you need to grab the user's real needs. Tangrun Lin noted. backpfrontp and rely on the idea of this segmentation of the market, this year's charity products to the North American market quickly open the market, dimming, panel lights, downlights power three-pronged effect is very significant. After backpfrontp customers used our products, you can feel after a breakdown product of excellent, while we pay attention to detail, will give customers a good user experience. Tangrun Lin expressed, for example, jewelry lighting applications, Ed will shell made of gold, and the whole atmosphere of the jewelry used against each other, these are the breakthroughs details. backpfrontp same time, for specific market segments, Ed's aim is to set up a special team, in product development to meet customer demand, this benefit is the client in the use of the product, it is possible to obtain greater value-added products. backpfrontp For example, in the current charity of the whole system solution,LED tunnel lights they'll do the products together with customers, and to consider living in a global problem. backpfrontp for example, in terms of cost savings, we allow customers to save 3 hair even more on a single assembly, which is a kind of good. We will not simply deducted price of raw materials, regardless of how much money the simple sense transformer, we focus not this, but we think about is how to make downstream manufacturers in the use of more convenient, more economical processes, while saving labor costs. Tangrun Lin mentioned, segmentation, and achieve the ultimate, which is currently charity to survive. backpfrontp market crises of today, we made LED high bay lights driver business do to break Bureau, Tang Runlin put forward their own views. backpfrontp brand is definitely the brand, the brand is now the domestic RGB LED flood light industry, the general lack of, which also led to our lack of core strengths, especially this year, is now in China's manufacturing industry is gradually losing advantages under the background of our The demand of the brand has reached its peak. Tang Runlin constantly referred to. backpfrontp some people, a reflective glass grinding for three years, grinding out what is the brand. Tangrun Lin said, LED tennis court lights career and opportunities to learn to wait, but it also needs to have such a well-polished reflector cup. backpfrontp industry now slightly embarrassing, price cuts just as herding blowing, and blindly cut prices, definitely not solve the recipe, how to solve the problem? How to make the healthy development of the industry going? how to shape positive energy? This is the next a stage of our consideration. Tang Runlin Finally, one of his problems, but also want to respond to industry friends together. backp