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Dry According To Optical Income 1077 Ten Million Yuan Subsidy LED Epitaxial Wafers For The Production Of Blue-green

Dec 14, 2016

 LED stadium light zhuangao Xiamen dry according to optical receive Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Xiamen Torch CMC) of the fifth pen grants totaling RMB 10,777,500.00 yuan in recent days. Sum grants are based on the Company and Xiamen Torch Zone signed the 'Investment Agreement' the agreement,led stadium light the company later used to subsidize the production of LED blue, green wafer MOCVD equipment to offer.  The agreement has been the company's second session of the Eighteenth Meeting of the Board of Directors and the company in 2014 Second Extraordinary General Meeting. In addition, 'the company on the adjustment of blue and green high power LED flood light epitaxial wafers and chip project investment scale of the motion' has been the company's second session of the Twentieth Meeting of the Board of Directors and the company in 2014 Third Extraordinary General Meeting.  accordance with the relevant provisions of 'Enterprise Accounting Standards',1000W led flood light said subsidy payments confirmed as deferred income when received, and the average life of the related asset share profit or loss. Early evening on August 24,led high bay light dry according to optical disclosed the 2015 semi-annual report. Reported in 2015 from January to June the company achieved operating income of 221 million yuan, an increase of 11.24%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 24.3439 million yuan,led tunnel light down 48.33 percent. backpfrontp dry according to the photoelectric said the increase in net profit and offset the bank deposit and financial income up sharply decrease in the cost of the project is mainly based LED arena light chip debugging to mass production from the expansion process generated.report shows that the current dry according to optical by the responsible subsidiary Yangzhou red, yellow LED epitaxial wafers and chips production projects, Xiamen parent company responsible for blue and green LED street lighting epitaxial wafers and chips industrialization projects, so that the parent company in Xiamen, Yangzhou each subsidiary focused on development and production of different color LED epitaxial wafers and chips. a planning device backpfrontp Xiamen blue and green RGB LED flood light epitaxial wafers and chips projects the company has started to arrive and after adjusting other stage gradual release of production capacity. As of the reporting period, the blue and green LED epitaxial wafers and chips sales phase project has been mass production. backp