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Dragon Transportation Promise Dimming Adjust The Color Temperature LED Tunnel Light Engineering Contested 2015 Golden Globes

Dec 08, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin Recently, the Long traffic-related staff told Engineering Golden Globe organizing committee, the company will carry stepless dimming adjust the color temperature LED Tunnel Light contested Engineering 2015 Product of the Year Award.It is understood, stepless adjustment of the color temperature of the light fixture products include two different color temperature of the LED stadium light source modules, companies were defined as high color temperature module, low color temperature module includes two analog dimming module, respectively DIM-1, DIM-2. Two different color temperature of the stadium lights source module using common negative structure. backpbackpfrontp above the staff, DIM-1 acceptable analog signal 0 ~ 5V or 0 ~ 10V and adjusting the total output current source module groups to achieve infinitely variable brightness from 0% to 100%. DIM-2 acceptable analog signal 0 ~ 5V or 0 ~ 10V and regulates the current distribution ratio of two light source modules, occupied by two different color temperature than the color temperature to achieve low - high stepless change. By controlling the DIM-1, a signal change DIM-2 two interfaces can be achieved by the brightness of the whole lamp, infinitely variable color temperature.The product can meet the stepless adjustable color temperature and power needs,high power led flood light with environmental protection technology and comfort lighting functions. Products using advanced technology, reliable quality, cost-effective, with high market competitiveness, has been successfully used in many tunnel lighting project, praised by customers. Staff said. backpfrontp In addition, the completion of this year's dragon traffic cross Yan tunnel project in Guizhou Province, will also compete for the 2015 Best Project Award in Engineering.Above the staff, the led tunnel light is a test project, the use of intelligent lighting control systems, lighting can achieve stepless dimming adjust color temperature function. The project is the first use of color temperature Guizhou tunnel lighting projects, such as good results, would later use color temperature luminaires tunnel lay the foundation to promote the development of color temperature of lighting in the future. backpbackpfrontp the project outside the cave system consists of color temperature and brightness tester, 1000W LED flood light color temperature and brightness intelligent stepless control device, a single lamp color temperature and brightness-controllable LED tunnel lights, communication systems and PC monitoring and management software and other components. Outside Tunnels color temperature and luminance signal conversion backpfrontp color temperature outside the cave system and the monitoring device will detect the brightness of 4 ~ 20mA standard signal to the LED bay light brightness intelligent stepless control device, and then converted by a DC analog DC0 ~ 5V signal output (analog control 0V signal corresponds to the maximum lamp power, 5V corresponds to the minimum power lamps, intermediate inversely linear relationship), to control the voltage LED arena light on the control current source (output current controllable LED driver power supply). color temperature and brightness control system backpfrontp the project, to strengthen the segment of the cave or basic segment color temperature and lighting intensity tracking control based on road tunnel outside the cave color temperature and brightness changes. Color temperature and brightness control system can communicate with the control room, the control room can set the parameters related color temperature and brightness control system, including the system clock, enhance the lighting output power percentage. backpfrontp In addition, the color temperature and brightness control systems for tunnel cave color temperature and brightness in real time, fine dimming, dimming its two adjacent intervals of not more than 2S, brightness dimming level of not less than 256. backpfrontp highway tunnel in order to make LED gym lighting lamps meet the photometric characteristics of tunnel lighting requirements, and to meet the requirements JTJ026.1-1999 of the dragon traffic lighting harmonic current limits in line with GB17625.1-2003 'Electromagnetic Compatibility Limits for harmonic currents emissions (equipment input current \u0026 le; 16A) 'requirement, in line with GB7000.1 provisions. Compared sodium lamp design, can save more than 50% of the electricity. Staff said. backp