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Do You Dare To Design, I Can Do - Think Ultra-HD LED Screen And Creative

Apr 16, 2019

  LED stadium light zhuangao Henderson 688 Plaza Shanghai is located in Nanjing West Road CBD, close to Shanghai Television, occupies a prime location in Shanghai. Recently, the Shanghai think twice tailored for the ultra high-definition indoor full color LED stadium floodlights screen Creative screen Creative formally meet with you, targeting high-end quality and CBD core area of 688 square complement each other. backpbackpfrontp bright colors and creative visual experience backpfrontp the screen dot pitch P6, a combination of which are independent of the 15 screens from a total area of nearly 400 square feet, can be called at this point spacing among the giant screen indoor creative . Specifications shape composition screen 15 split screen is not the same form of dozens of planes and each plane has a specific angle of convergence, full of geometric beauty. To protect the screen, the outer glass envelope requires, with delicate think people feel Ambilight display, shines. backpbackpfrontp technical strength Tatemi compete backpfrontp With LED high bay light indoor display technology becomes more mature, although the surface quality of all manufacturers of LED screens or less, but the company's technical strength in creative screen able Tatemi compete. The reason is simply because the idea is based on customer specific scenarios screen, special design, special purpose may be, is not a mold out, so can not be copied. Design and installation of local conditions, the LED gym lights enterprise construction difficult, technically demanding and precise, really is the least bit of difference Bartholomew miles. backpfrontp by the parts of different shapes, different specifications of composition, so the screen open mode requires precise calculation, into a large, high cost, plus although the screen is a spell, but still requires a display screen intact, smooth, not tying, so the screen debugging and the control system is also one of the difficulties. All kinds of difficulty for many high power LED flood lights companies prohibitive, creative screen technology has thus become an important reference for dividing the enterprise level. backpbackpfrontp you dare to exterior design, I would dare think backpfrontp Shanghai is a professional 1000W LED flood light display solutions provider, bear two years ago in New York Times Square outdoor full color project was designed based on customer needs will screen the screen by three points composition, but the playback screen is still coherent one. As a leader in creative screen, Shanghai think Meikailong semi-circular canopy screen, Xi'an Xianyang Airport annular screen and other representatives of the case, the industry benchmark to emulate. LED high bay lights Henderson Square screen appearance by the well-known creative designers surgeon, Shanghai R \u0026 D team and engineers to think for a perfect interpretation of the design concept designer, customer service within the glass envelope of the heat problem and many other technical difficulties, won the high degree of customer trust. Meet customer needs is the mission and responsibilities of Shanghai think twice, you dare request, I can do! (This article is Shanghai think twice contribution) backp