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Diversified Industrial Laser Applications Subvert Lighting

May 02, 2017

 From craving the night sky to the earth throughout numerous multicolored lights, the human struggle with the dark history of the slightest Star, is the human history of the development of light from having to control. From torches to candles, from gas lamps to incandescent light, the human depth understanding of materials technology has also changed the shape of the lamp, in about 2009, smaller and brighter and more provincial point of LED stadium lights start to enter the main lighting in developed countries universal. LED light source is no longer just play lighting effects, its varied and flexible design features, making it more fit people's work and life bit by bit. backpfrontp wherein the laser technology as the 20th century, the greatest impact on human technology. From lighting to cutting and then to measure the pan with laser technology to make flexible use on different occasions, but in the modern lighting industry Laser technology plays an important role in promoting the lighting industry product innovations. backpfrontp illumination light application original intention was for people born dispel the darkness, lighting technology has been toward a more stable and bright, and easier to control the direction of the development of the recent years, a new laser illumination are high hopes for the industry's major companies, and more to replace LED stadium lighting momentum. backpfrontp due to the different light shining laser light source and the principle of common, but monochromatic light laser lights, only one wavelength of light instead of ordinary light manufacturing covers all wavelengths as color light. Such characteristics make a stronger laser lighting illuminance, light pattern can be accurately, quickly and safely control. backpfrontp this Osram, BMW, Panasonic and so coincidentally laser lighting, applied to the development of car headlights. It is reported that BMW i8 concept car equipped with its laser illumination system to show the world, compared with the conventional high power LED flood lights headlight, laser headlights 1,000 times brighter than the LED headlamps, while the smaller, more energy, irradiation distance farther . And announced at 2--3 years, universal access to this technology to the production car. backpfrontp On the other hand, since the laser light source is so efficient, high brightness while laser illumination energy power but will be surprisingly small, which means lower demand for electricity. In the application it has been common in the aviation field, or even applied to such and other CubeSat microsatellites lighting. backpfrontp laser processing so diverse backpfrontp lighting applications in addition to the laser used for illumination itself, the effect of laser in the manufacture of lighting products can not be ignored. Laser processing including cutting, welding, surface treatment, drilling, marking, scribing, dermabrasion and other processes. With the continued growth of the lighting market, 1000W LED flood light manufacturing capacity for the requirements and the yield becomes higher and higher, sustained and rapid expansion of high-brightness LED lighting in the area in recent years. backpfrontp example in LED fabrication, laser wafer scribing as a non-contact process, so that a smaller wafer dicing cause micro-cracks and other damage, which makes wafer particles closer together, while the finished LED tunnel lights device reliability. also greatly improved, so that the LED can be a lot of use of mobile phones, television, and touch screens in place in backlighting applications. backpfrontp lighting design backpfrontp but monotonous light source has been unable to meet the people's quality of life in the pursuit, in the bare light bulb, cast shade of various shapes and then point our colorful life. Laser cutting can not only adapt to the stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass and copper and other materials with high reflectivity, more Have mold processing characteristics, good to meet the home decoration industry, small quantities of customized requirements. backpfrontp It is understood that large enterprises with international lighting Osram laser diodes, LED arena lights with a light scattering of Corning optical fiber, but can also create a soft color compact fiber. Laser diode enables dynamic color control for the laser diode to produce laser volume is very small, the current layout of the LED array to solve large-scale monomer emitting a faint malpractice employed, in the era of laser illumination will become history. rigid demand backpfrontp light output power will no longer be hindered reason headlight design, coupled with the optical fiber can be bent around the object, RGB led flood lights winding or copying, while maintaining the brightness and uniformity of light. This also means that artists and designers were able to more freedom for headlamps designed to produce avant-garde design. backpfrontp Conclusion: laser technology both in the manufacturing level, or product level, affecting all aspects of the development trend of lighting industry, LED tennis court lights in today's declining profits, in addition to developing subdivision lighting blue ocean market, not on the old thinking to relax to open up new lighting technology, but also a way to stand out in the Red Sea. As the Father of the blue LED Shuji Nakamura noted that compared to the LED high bay lights, laser diodes to achieve higher efficiency lighting, laser lighting will be the key to industrial development. backp