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Distance Optical Mid-year Report The Gross Margin Over 67% Of Medical And Industrial Restructuring 4.0---OAK LED Flood Lighting

Sep 28, 2016

   While indicating more intense competition in the industry, the industry and the plight of the more obvious compared to previous years,stadium lights growth has declined in the lighting industry, semi-annual report. , But more than 67% of the consolidated gross profit margin was enough to make the distance optical and its investors are satisfied. backpfrontp August 25 evening, the distance optical (300306.SZ) disclosed the 2015 semi-annual report.Led stadium light Earnings data show that first half operating income of distance optical 84,136,700 yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 27.6958 million yuan, net profit margin as high as 32.92%. backpfrontp distance optical existing business areas include common photoelectric detection equipment, LED and lighting professional testing equipment,high power led flood light intelligent manufacturing equipment, EMC and electronic measuring devices, color and display testing equipment, testing calibration services. backpfrontp Disclosure in the first half distance optical spectrometer income 53,035,500 yuan and its ancillary equipment,1000W-LED-flood-light electrical measuring instruments and income 23,159,700 yuan. backpfrontp distance optical represents the first half of 2015 lighting industry more competitive, the industry and the plight of the more obvious compared to previous years,RGB-led-flood-light lighting industry growth rate decline. But the company line detection equipment, mobile spectrometers and other new products sell well, sales gradually increased; test calibration services operated by independent subsidiaries also gradually carried out.tennis-court-lights backpfrontp same time, distant photoelectric proposed and implemented a distant technology industry platform strategy, internal training, external expansion, led-tunnel-light integration of developing both ways, the focus for the medical, industrial and other fields to actively promote the company's 4.0 better and faster development. Ming Chin has invested in the network, the red phase technology, Niumai electronics, and One gene and other companies, and with the internal core staff jointly set up the remote detection of holding subsidiaries.led-bay-light backpfrontp acquisition of the company's investment direction are: one is the optical, electronic, mechanical, software core technologies and integrated support background, there is a good direction, there are some Internet + capability, we are the two directions as the background, or you can say that photovoltaic technology + and Internet +, 4.0 is basically industrial and medical equipment,led-road-light and high-end medical equipment and related medical consumables such direction. Distance optical secretaries Zhang Jie in the reception of institutional investors said the company is to create a platform for remote technology industry as a top priority, but at the same time or to maintain the leading position in the field of lighting and LED detection.led-street-lighting