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Display Market Slowdown In The Sudden Emergence Of A Small Pitch---led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 18, 2016

 Zhao Hui LED stadium lights display enterprises restructuring efforts since last year began to accelerate, increasing Liard epitaxial acquisition efforts, the joint construction of photoelectric Division Digital Outdoor Media Group prototype has to \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; It all comes down to a highly sophisticated display market growth started to slow, full market competition. backpfrontp Liard semi-annual report, the traditional LED display segment in the first half revenues of 227 million yuan, an increase of 25.82%, but compared to 30.36 percent small spacing display business has been a marked slowdown in the growth point of view. Liard admits, high power LED flood light display sector slowdown. backpfrontp this, Liard one hand, increased investment in small distance business, on the other hand to strengthen the development of epitaxial acquisitions. So far, Riyadh has acquired Jinda lighting, Interconnect PHYLLIS, Li Feng and Jin Xiang four cultural enterprises, the proposed acquisition of foreign enterprises PLANAR SYSTEMS, INC.100% stake. backpfrontp cultural and Jin Xiang Li Feng joined, four of the most innovative potential of the business sector will drive the rapid development of Riyadh. In culture, sports, education, media art derived from design, service,1000W LED flood light content creation, platform management, etc., will promote the sector through strong cooperation, investment, etc., to promote product-oriented enterprises to Riyadh from enterprise content quickly transformation. Liard secretaries Li Nannan, said the company strategy and further development of four-wheel-fusion ring, to achieve a strategic goal of the world's leading experts in the application of sound and light LED tunnel light further step. Liard reported a small distance revenues in the first half amounted to 250 million yuan, more than the traditional LED display revenue. backpfrontp joint construction of photovoltaic Although not the traditional display and a small pitch product revenue, respectively, but also semi-annual report said the company around a digital Outdoor Media Group's strategic objectives, continue to adhere to both the endogenous and extensional development strategy. Endogenous development, the company maintained a stable existing business development, LED bay light display board, the face of fierce competition, the company through a series of promotional activities to enhance the development of small pitch LED display applications, continue to maintain its LED display screen leading position, the linkage of urban media culture as a company to build an integrated platform, sales continued to improve, revenues remained stable growth. Alto electronic secretaries Yang admitted that the four modernizations, LED gym light display industry competition intensified in the industry consolidation, industry concentration is a trend, opportunities and challenges. backpfrontp semi-annual report, the first half of Alto electronic LED video display systems revenues of 69.1211 million yuan, up 34.50 percent year on year decline. LED display large projects and high-end LED display insufficient market demand, LED arena light application industry has undergone major changes, increased competition, increased industry consolidation, the overall slowdown. Yang explained that the four modernizations. backpfrontp while Abby P12-P18 display first half revenue is to drop 49.27 percent year on year, revenue was only 48.477 million yuan. backpfrontp we feel in the first half, except for a few areas outside (such as small pitch products), the industry's growth is slowing, there is a decline in customer procurement requirements, there is no fast growth in previous years. Abby Vice President and Deputy General Manager Zhang Wenlei that, although there is still some growth in operating income, not much substantial growth in their own endogenous But inside alone. LED stadium floodlight production and research backpfrontp Engineering Institute (GGII) senior analyst Li Sheng said that the current display market is already very mature, highly competitive, from the first half to see the traditional show business has basically no growth, a small pitch is one of the biggest highlights .