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Display 'fell In Love' Advertising LianJian Photoelectric 2000000000 'ho Purchase' Four Media Companies

Apr 01, 2019

 ă€frontp [text / Engineering LED Zhao Hui] tasted the acquisition of media companies bring huge returns, the joint construction of photovoltaic is accelerating mergers and acquisitions in the field of media advertising layout. backpfrontp November 23 evening, the joint construction of photovoltaic (300269.SZ) announced that the cash to be paid 642 million yuan, and 23.5 yuan / share issue 5609 shares, totaling 1.96 billion acquisition price of four companies,LED stadium lights and improve digital Outdoor Media Group Industry chain layout. Meanwhile, the company intends to raise matching funds 1.12 billion yuan. backpfrontp worth noting that although these four business sub-offices throughout North and South, High power led flood lights both regional media advertising companies, also has a national media companies. But its main business is focused on both media advertising. backpfrontp It also shows that the joint construction of photovoltaic outdoor display manufacturers adhere to build digital Outdoor Media Group, go advertising + display hardware and software combination is accelerating pace. backpfrontp acquired four companies were as follows: 800 million yuan acquisition of Shenzhen City of Mary Network Technology Co., Ltd. 88.88% stake in 496 million yuan acquisition of Shanghai Li Tang Marketing Management Limited 100% stake in 364 million yuan to acquire a limited spread of Shanxi 100% stake in the company 300 million yuan acquisition of Ocean Media Culture Co., Ltd. 100% of the shares.LED high bay lights Shenzhen force Ma to provide our enterprise customers with Internet-based search engine marketing services, its main advertising strategy + business model for the advertising technology + advertising. backpfrontp HuaTaiyuan is the one based on regional market of outdoor advertising media providers, which will be based on the customer's communication needs, combined with the propagation characteristics of the various types of media, as well as the point of the characteristics of different media, customer communication strategy developed by the company owned outdoor media resource network, providing customers with advertising services. backpfrontp Don Reed is specialized in providing marketing communication services activities of the enterprise, line of business activities under the management of the whole chain integration services to customers, including creative and design planning marketing strategies and activities, the activities of specific programs, activities and field operations management.LED gym lights Ocean Media is mainly based on the integration of the country's own third-party outdoor media resources, to provide customers with one-stop outdoor advertising solutions for outdoor advertising agency services. backpfrontp This is not the first time the joint construction of photovoltaic major acquisition, advertising media companies. backpfrontp Early in 2012, the joint construction of photoelectric transformation began targeting the media, the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary linkage culture, downstream outdoor LED tennis court lights network expansion; in 2013, spent 860 million acquisition of timeshare media, outdoor media layout. backpfrontp early 2015, build photovoltaic spend 950 million yuan acquisition YOUTOP publicist matter of asset reorganization and easy access to the SFC to open the digital distribution channel. backpfrontp future extension will be added to the endogenous development model, endogenous development of good business and existing LED display outdoor advertising business, the future extension of the main aspects to consider the field of advertising media, continued acquisitions fit with the company's strategic direction, there is competition in the industry force the subject. Prior to the joint construction of photovoltaic secretaries Zhong said of the company's development model. backpfrontp more acquisitions for the joint construction of photovoltaic brought huge returns. 2014, build photovoltaic acquired media-sharing net profit 103 million yuan, while net profit photoelectric entire LianJian 2014 also only 134 million yuan. backpfrontp the first half of 2015, build public relations media business revenue photoelectric achieve 284 million yuan, accounting for 43.49% of total revenue, build photovoltaic, almost half of the country. backpfrontp for the development of future advertising business, Zhongju Ying said the development of good existing business, so gradually increase, the future continue to add to the mix the subject of mergers and acquisitions (M \u0026 A mainly advertising media aspect), profit advertising business than large LED display business. backp