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Dim LED Industry Need To Optimize The Industrial Structure In Lighting

Jul 04, 2017

 LED stadium lights industry realized when the lighting dim, the began to shift to higher value-added upstream. Business competition intensified, making the LED stadium lighting industry market profits are squeezed again and again, resulting in mergers and acquisitions frequently occur. LED as a major emerging strategic industries, the temptation of the capital and the consequent merger, it is becoming a trend. By the economic impact of downward pressure from the end of last year, LED tennis court lights product prices decline, lack of business started, there has been increasing production without increasing profits, profits fell sharply and so on. backpfrontp National Bureau of Statistics data show that the first half of 2015, the accumulated losses of the national LED lighting industry enterprises 579, the loss was 22.18%, higher than the national loss of face light industry 8.6 percent. According to market statistics, this year the average price fell 30% LED gym lights 40%, industry output growth of only 2 percent, reaching $ 14.52 billion, next year will continue to integrate acquisitions tide. backpfrontp According to statistics, from the beginning of the year so far, LED high bay lights industry, there were nearly 30 cases from the merger integration, the overall amount of mergers and acquisitions has more than 28 billion yuan, and covers the LED industry chain. backpfrontp Insiders pointed out: LED lighting is a huge market and development potential of the industry, a cutting-edge technology and closely linked to the industry, one pair of the national economy and important industry. However, in the era of knowledge economy, these industries often is a low-profit industry. backpfrontp China's semiconductor lighting / LED tunnel lights industry developed rapidly, in 2014 the output value of more than two hundred billion yuan. Gan Zi-Zhao believes that by 2020, the semiconductor lighting / LED annual output value to rise to 4-5 one hundred billion yuan. From the perspective of the development of semiconductor science and technology watch, LED lighting industry will have many new developments. backpfrontp LED small size, low driving voltage, electrical performance is relatively easy to control, so, LED arena lighting and intelligent optimization of the overall system is inevitable, and from the energy, it's actually more efficient than the simple elements to improve optical efficiency. backpfrontp LED industry in the market performance is insufficient, the need to actively adjust the direction of the transformation, optimize the industrial structure, find a new growth point of industry. backp