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Different Applications Of Different Spectrum

Apr 15, 2019

Different applications of different spectrum




(1) Low UV: 250nm-265 nm -285 nm -365 nm, now 250 nm -410 nm. These are all carbides of INGaN/GaN materials. These UVs kill all bacteria in the water with a killing power of 98%, especially at 285 nm.


(2) Medium-ultraviolet light: 365 nm - 370 nm is common internationally, and ultraviolet light has lethality. Generally, doctors are required to ensure that there is no bacteria during surgery. 365nm-390nm generally uses this ultraviolet to supplement the dentist, which is characterized by strong function and short time. At the same time, the international wavelength of 365nm-370nm is used to distinguish the authenticity of banknotes.


(3) High-ultraviolet light: 405 nm -410 nm, the maximum wafer size is less than 2 inches (also known as UV wafer). From 345-410 nm can be used for the cultivation of plant seeds. It also uses 405nm-410nm for the authenticity of RMB banknotes.



2. VIS LED (visible LED):


(1) Blue light: 430 nm -450 nm -470 nm Note that it is applied to the blue light band. Its main component is INGaN/GaN, but its content is low, its capacity is low, and it is not durable, mainly used in the blue light band.


(2) Green light: 505 nm - 520 nm - 540 nm is mainly used for the green light band, and its main component is: INGaN/GaN. The main component of 556 is: GaP/ALInGaP, which is the purest green that is most clearly seen by the human eye in international spectroscopy.


(3) Yellow light: The main application of the 570 nm -590 nm band is amber (yellow)


The main application of the 600 nm -620 nm band is orange.


(4) Red light: The main application of the 630 nm - 640 nm band is red, and the 660 nm -730 nm band is long, and the main application is dark red.


3. Infra LED (infrared LED):


From a medical point of view, using 660 nm -730 nm -780 nm light promotes plant growth.


730nm-760nm made of medical products can check whether the patient is a vegetative


760 nm-790nm-805nm is used in medicine to detect fat content.


The 850 nm -880 nm is used to detect the speed of the engine.


900 nm is mainly used as an inspection instrument to detect blood gas, blood sugar, etc.


The 940 nm is mainly used as a remote control for position locking.


1000 nm -1300 nm -1500 nm -1550 nm is a test instrument that mainly detects volatile gases such as alcohol/fiber/carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide.