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Dialogue Three Male Aurora Lighting School Of Design And Art Of Xi'an Station Come To An End

Mar 27, 2017

 lighting School eighth station, came to the ancient capital of Xi'an, in the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the site of three keynote speakers and more than 500 participating designers to create attractive design and feel stadium lights environment. As a founder of the Academy of lighting, three male Aurora is committed to creating the design sharing platform, in order to allow more designers to understand lighting design, and get more lateral link design resources to help them continue to upgrade themselves. backpbackpfrontp 2015 .10 .21 afternoon, led stadium lighting College scheduled Crowne Plaza Hotel in Xi'an, many well-known designers and experts in different fields gathered with local designers to experience the charm of light and design. Speakers shared their design ideas and the latest developments in the direction of the industry, analyzes the aesthetic design of the space created by the agitation of thought.  organized by the Guangdong three male Aurora Lighting Co. marketing director Wang Jun chaired from the organizers, deputy Chen also recalled the purpose of taking office three male Aurora's growth process, and the founder of lighting College.high power led flood light entire forum is divided into dry sharing and high-end dialogue two links. Dry sharing in the design part, professor at Tsinghua University School of Architecture Zhang Xin teachers to incorporate the ancient city of Xi'an, local cultural characteristics, to lighting design as a case Jinsha Museum share, for an object light display, the museum is more for use lighting to illuminate the ancient artifacts, and everyone watching habits for a close watch face, hence the whole entire space with architectural design elements, from outside to inside, reversing the gradient to depth, to meet the visual perception of the same time, 1000W LED flood lighting brightness and color temperature to balance out the most and is the lighting design, so that even close watch artifacts can clearly see ancient artifacts. backpbackpfrontp same for university teacher Professor Yang Chunyu Chongqing University doctoral tutor School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing Illuminating Engineering Society president, he brought lighting research and design \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; shared with colleagues speech, he based his academic research, from the functional lighting direction, shared with many aspects of tunnel lighting, highway lighting, road lighting and other lighting functions performed abroad standard sharing; and for growing in the garden illumination, lighting naked light and plants closely relations, research LED tunnel light for use in plant lighting, how to play the role of light, without detriment plants and gardens from the color and other aspects of the perfect combination of light; at the same time share with the town transformed into a tourist shopping and commercial district in the form of lighting share, Wuzhen, Phoenix town, Chongqing Star town and so on. Practical examples are used to express the importance of lighting in design. With many participating designers to feel the charm of lighting design. backpbackpfrontp Finally, site lighting designer is Mr. college finale from Taiwan move as the International Interior Design Co., Ltd. (Taipei) Tan Loyalty,LED arena lights he was not only a famous designer, it also has a significant art collectors, curators and other species identity, pluralism of identity bring multiple perspectives, so that he can realize their pursuit of beauty in different fields. The theme of the speech provided between the arts, but also his name in Taipei, where a home, meaning a new space for dialogue design and art, but also he would like to share the concept: All aspects of the design should not be split , LED high bay lights whether all aspects of the building and space, hard equipment and soft wear, these spaces, design, aesthetics and art should be organic integration, in order to create a more complete expression. For Tan Loyalty concerned, do art collection and help young artists, is another important component of his career, it is this tight integration of art and more to enhance his design repair. backpbackpfrontp wonderful design to share, so that every scene designers have benefited from the high-end part of the dialogue novelty after another, led gym lights from the integration of management and collision lighting design and other designs, to design institutions, ladies and gentlemen, on the current status of the industry and with their own experiences were further explanation, expanding the horizons of each participating designers. (This article is three male Aurora contribution) backp