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Di Watch News | LED In The End What's The Problem?

Feb 21, 2017

   [Text | Engineering LED Yue Motte] went to the weekend, early in the morning met with a small Di Hangzhou also ran to a friend. Friends lament Shenzhen fine illegally parked stringent than Hangzhou, a small sigh Shenzhen Di difficult life than Hangzhou, especially also Language LED industry. LED stadium lights development to the present, tepid, are reflected in the market is not very good in the industry, the market is not good to do, malicious competition it? Rarely it seems. Negative response it? As if no. Where is the problem? It also said that bad. Or look at the news, perhaps to a little enlightenment. 1, three new board thousands of companies in the trial, six one thousand line up. (Click to read the details) three new board began last year suddenly hot up,stadium lighting I heard that a new board of shell on the value of a lot of money, there are a few 100000-1000000 addition ranging from government incentives, some companies may not be counted spend money on board. But, this benefit with the new board of fiery, brokerage fee increase has been gradually reduced, a good day is probably coming to an end soon. As of October 16, the new board of the total share capital of 195.491 billion shares, outstanding capital a mere 72.538 billion shares. Listing does not trade in circulation, so many companies took a fancy to what three new board? I will not speak on the new board into public view, what substantial benefits for financing loans to some, high power led flood light at least the company's management is standardized, finance, production, manufacturing, and so on. Once the specification, for long-term development of the company it is definitely good. China is not the lack of it a hundred years old, we do not have the pursuit of sustainable Why? Seize the time to look at that regulate corporate governance,1000W led flood light fight on a new three-panel, point closer relationship with the capital markets, this is the first step in the long march. Rectangular very knowledgeable Well, subsidiaries Kang Ming Sheng preemptive position a new board, the development of the future left to talk about in the future. 2, many companies released third quarter results notice merger is a hot look at the third quarter notice, found the bleak market, most companies turn a net profit margin quite large. Hongli advance by 75% -95%, 90% advance by Riyadh -110%. Made, this pre-growth, most of the effort is spared in the mergers and acquisitions. Capital flows are going the spirit of self-interest, he bought you, it must be valuable to you, you can sell, you must also be worth the price. Now the LED tennis court lights competition means thicker cooperation, there will be absolutely tip-to-head. Fusion is the trend. And pieces together a quick, Youku potatoes together, the US group also close the public comment. After Ali won the Youku potatoes, and a total of 58 home. I heard Ali shares 58 home success, Tencent's consent is important, this is kind of integration is not it? Ali Tencent is no longer the opposite of the giants are aware, from competition to cooperation is the trend. Hongli doing car networking, and networking in the joint creation, large companies are beginning to do internet. Products and prices are no longer alone,led gym lights but by platform structures and seize the opportunity. Large companies can fission, small company? Or try the Fusion Bar, integration of supply chain integration, made a platform, and perhaps also a trend. The hot platform is telling us, seek common ground, complement each other, it is to survive. 3, LED arena lights rely on government subsidies for heating? (Click to read the details) Miss Dong (Dong Mingzhu) said that hard work and prosperous. LED Industry also considered how to say it. Miss Dong said, relying on the real economy, the state's financial support, the development is not up. A little truth. It stands to reason, LED tunnel lights as the real economy, is to contribute to national development. However, the market economy is not complete, so the competition becomes less adequate and fair. Compared to give money directly to the government to be a good environment for the development of the industry may be more important. Like for businesses, how to retain talent? Money is certainly not unique (but really very important!), But also need to provide a good environment, to provide a group of high-quality people to work with. Surely we all know that Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, absolutely believe in the free market economy. A market economy there are unseen hands. LED development to the present, the invisible hand has to play a greater function, but also the invisible hand, so that everyone on the prospects quite unseen. Di felt it, calmly, LED flood lighting is always to return to the pattern and the pattern of general manufacturing, the profit is not too high, but at least stable, but also gives a way out. 4, CSP how to proceed from LM / $ at? (Click to read more) CSP incredible thunder, the rain was a bit like a tightly closed leaky faucet, a drop from time to time, so take water bucket pick people really impatient. why will this happen? Effective enough pictures. Province bracket is right, but SMD has been so mature,led high bay lights the price can be extreme (especially 2835, there is still room for price cuts), CSP's competitiveness come from? Promote new technologies and trends are quite right, after all, the real economy can only rely on innovation to develop. To develop CSP is the first to solve the industrial chain linkage, only chip factory do, or do only packaging factory, it is impossible to succeed in. Also complemented by fine equipment, update the material, this is a big move. To mass production, we have to let suppliers see the market and prospects fishes ah. Market where? There, not open. Achieve the same LM, currently with CSP may be even more than the $ SMD, COB etc. spent. Wafer Level CSP BDO system, Epistar crystal department eutectic CSP, a seemingly blossoming beauty, but also can not be guaranteed yield, yield not mean high cost, acceptance is not enough. Reportedly, Zhongshan City, a company's CSP equipment already in mass production, but Di think, CSP still needs to be improved and ready to go, when the fanfare of reckon there a few years now.