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Di Watch News | Heart Huaikang Vigilance Prepare Good Fight To The Death

Mar 24, 2017

 Thursday and Friday two days, Xiao Di follow the leader to the town lights Fair to learn a couple of days, in fact, people are lamenting LED stadium lights hard. Light Bo, the name without a pass many small businesses, overseas buyers are also some, popular, but do not draw a large audience applauded. Where is the way each company should think about the. backpfrontp same Renqihenwang Golden Globe as well as engineering LED stadium lighting micro letter ballot. Next Monday (10.26) is the last day, each participate in the selection of companies are actively canvassing, and no slack. There's even a split front skirmishes. Di weak weak to say, and gas wealth ah. This award is to comment, the high degree of the largest trade unions to maintain fair and just. Some or open or veiled act of brush, please stop it, why should I spend the money, anyway, the last brush of votes are to be deleted \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; backpfrontp 1, Harmony 109,000,000 Holdings Qingdao Jensen backpfrontp only in July Beijing held the three new board listing photoelectric harmony bell ceremony, the listed company will soon take advantage of favorable conditions, the acquisition of segments of the experts, expand their business scope, enhance their competitiveness. backpfrontp will use capital leveraging its development is far more than a harmony, wood Linsen, Hongli and other listed companies already show a keen sense of smell and excellent operating force in this regard. Mergers and acquisitions this thing, will be able to find their own play, the more play the more smooth, will not play on only anxious. backpfrontp and acquisitions this year, more and more cases, boats Columbia predict the amount of mergers and acquisitions of domestic high power LED flood light industry in 2015 will exceed 20 billion yuan, more than three times last year. backpfrontp monster hand is cut LED prices declining profits, on the other hand is the capital market hot (it does not, the central weekend mom and double down the interest rate market is coming), which have propelled the wave of industry mergers and acquisitions. backpfrontp fewer and fewer players, who left in order to survive, as can the king, will see will leverage the use of capital. backpfrontp 2, street Winter is approaching (Click to read the details) backpfrontp ago? 'A Song of Ice and Fire \u0026 middot; Game of Thrones,' a friend presumably on the cold winter is approaching this sentence impressed. This sentence is the Northern Territory Stark family motto: Huaikang Heart vigilance, ready to fight to the death to do. backpfrontp used in the 1000W LED flood light industry, competition for survival, seems quite appropriate. backpfrontp Engineering Institute of production and research LED tunnel lights this year prices will fall by 30%, as well as the fate of the package with this device. Many are looking for other packaging factory outlet, Ismail have begun to study modules (for details, the second on October 19), Sui Jing (Shenzhen, a flagship mobile phone backlight device three new board listed company) began the development of TV backlight. New application direction of the new technology is also endless. backpfrontp lights can save may be intelligent, to help package is about the size of such country stars (Click to read the details), Linsen like. The so-called new technology and new model is a two never want to come out today, tomorrow, the effect can be. All of the new technologies, new models, we need to support the industry chain. backpfrontp words, Xiao Di in town lights Bo, encounter a street specializing in EMC engineering company, talk to talk to the other party has also said no core competence. Implying Di listened afraid to tell you copied the go? Backpfrontp 3,LED arena lights to promote the town lighting business according to the index rose slightly (click to read more) backpfrontp October 22nd town lights Fair do not know how many of my colleagues went to the scene of the? Small Di and colleagues in turn for a long time in the exhibition hall, new lamps not seen fresh technology is not seen, compared to last year, a slight disappointment. backpfrontp town dream \u0026 middot; Zhongshan dream \u0026 middot; Chinese Dream is the theme of this session of lights Fair, exhibition hall and indeed see some barely able to call Chinese style lamps, but in order to show Chinese dream, it is a bit far-fetched . According to Bureau of Statistics data show backpfrontp 2014 Guzhen Town area GDP111.2 billion lighting industry output value accounted for 70% of the national share. The high data, led gym lights people have lamented the lights are in the name deserved. backpfrontp six months to go, Zhongshan, Humen Bridge will plug. The recent go, actually not a traffic jam! Rent also drop powerful, clear of a micro IC agent to buy the dips price almost certain lights in the town with the city to win a decent store, the streets full face Zhongshan We are doing the lamp market, gearing up. backpfrontp Zhongshan already have their own label (low-cost, the amount of walking), and everybody should do their own position, polish their weapons, fight with the Zhongshan prices, fear is no chance of winning. LED high bay lights weekend last point of time, my colleagues have to recharge your batteries, to Japan incursion. Di wish everyone to eat Well Well incense. backp