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Di Watch News | Goodbye October November Rematch

May 19, 2017

  [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] went to the weekend a good time. 2015 micro-channel LED stadium lights Engineering Golden Globe voting has ended, and ultimately the real votes have been published, some companies are very happy that some companies lost, some companies are wronged (hard brush votes have not seen it!) Grand Hong Kong autumn International Lighting Fair has concluded. Di also spent two days on the Hong Kong exhibition,stadium lighting back when the leg is not as is his. I do not know whether you gain a lot? At the Hong Kong Exhibition backpfrontp 1, intensive three quarterly publication (Click to read the details) backpfrontp every few months will be released once the earnings of listed companies have every time this time will be somewhat sensitive. Di with the time of a listed company secretaries to contact, the other is prudent caution. Each release quarterly and annual reports, are a few happy tears (Click to read more). backpfrontp data show that as of now, the two cities listed company's total revenue of 21.15 trillion yuan, down 530 billion yuan, net profit of 1.99 trillion yuan, was up 1.53% over the previous year. Environment so, no wonder many high power LED flood lights companies say that the environment affects. backpfrontp Indeed, gross margin decreased become a major trend, and expand their business scale through mergers and acquisitions to broaden the scope of business, open up new profit growth point, is the main way many companies thickening performance. backpfrontp In fact, when the global economy downturn, LED and a lot of money is winter, but like Feile Audio-Visual net profit rose by 650% (click to read the original text). From the three quarterly, the growth of the 1000W LED flood light industry is still good, although the volume is very small compared to many industries, but whatever the outcome, to keep a small Di confidence of the LED. backpfrontp fact it, something that is not an absolute profit lower bad thing, when the profit remained stable, while the industry is mature. Many LED entrepreneurs in this industry are cherish a feeling, such as, for example, crystal sets, another example boats Columbia. For them, the industry to develop, adhere to and innovation are essential. backpfrontp 2, low-cost strategy = dying? (Click to read the details) backpfrontp price war is every company will face, but the words are a bit reticent. Not price not survive. I remember once said Gu Wei Siu Chi shares, cheap is the last word, the price is the main theme. Unreasonable. backpfrontp Now, getting lower and lower raw material prices, supply chain integration and more mature, the sensitivity of the application side of the increasingly high prices. Philips has requested backpfrontp OEM and ODM China and Taiwan in 2016 to reduce LED tunnel light bulb factory price of $ 0.8 (Click to read the details), and many domestic LED lighting companies have raised the prices of their supply chain requirements, it is no secret . backpfrontp thing is for lighting, lighting wants to lower the price point, vendors always want to approach it? backpfrontp to date, delicious meat have eaten almost, and the rest are hard nut. Our great motherland has begun outlook Thirteen Five of the eighteenth session of the Fifth Plenary Session communique proposed innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing five ideas, seemingly big and empty, but in reality it is a large and empty. backpfrontp However, these are not also the current LED arena lights business owners are most often mention it? When you deeply penetrated these ideas, adjust its position and direction of national development combine to sink in the heart without anxiety, then you can do, it is much more than a price war. backpfrontp only stare prices, could not escape the fate of being eliminated (Click to read more). backpfrontp 3, 2015 In September 2009, China LED lighting exports $ 878 million, down 3.8%, a decrease of 5.7%. backpfrontp LED lighting this year, China's total exports incremental monthly decline, when the first saw the data Di, also thought he was wrong. July exports increased 17.3%, an increase of 6.5% in August, September is -3.8%. backpfrontp overseas market does not seem satisfactory ah \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; a tragic domestic, foreign and no red flags were fluttering. The past two years export speed and passion, seemingly only a passion. backpfrontp In fact, the foreign market demand for LED high bay lights is still on the increase, export growth slowed, there are pre-export base quickly becomes big reason. The China LED prices drop unlimited, even in the case of increasing export volume, exports decline is possible. backpfrontp at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn, bursting with popularity, in addition to English is full of ears of Cantonese, then bad is that some do not understand the Russian and German, Di felt strange, but many exhibitors said, in fact, the situation this year than last year much worse. Regardless of the number of people to view the exhibition and quality buyers. backpfrontp also learned from the Hong Kong exhibition, a lot of foreign-based companies, are beginning to slowly attention to the huge North American market. It is understood that the North American LED tennis court lights penetration rate is still less than 3%, a huge potential. And you want to enter the threshold is not low, in addition to testing and certification costs, investment is not a short period of time, but also to challenge the authority of the advanced marketer. Not all companies are able to open this market, even inside, you will also need to be prepared in advance acclimatized. backpfrontp today, the last day of October, that good cooling did not come. Only the last two months of 2015, I hope there are still big, small Di wish you all good Bel bar, to get through the winter, waiting for flowers. backp