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Crystal Electronics Release BrilliantColor SMD 7070 LED Series Products---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 13, 2016

 Crystal Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the new SMD 7070 LED stadium light series products. BrilliantColor light generated by this series of products designed to allow people to experience a richer,stadium lights more saturated colors. The products are mainly for high-end retail applications, for accent lighting of goods may increase sales. backp (Jingke SMD 7070 LED series products) backpfrontp company said 7070 design is the use of scaffolding package, than among the high power LED flood light devices, capable of operating at higher temperatures, and the rated life is not compromised, but can achieve a COB same performance specifications, to achieve cost reductions. 7070 has been optimized design, as compared to small and medium-power 1000W LED flood light, can reduce the device area in the case, still achieve the same level of performance, which greatly simplify the current system of multiple satellites lighting applications in power LED tunnel light solutions based design. backpfrontp Jingke 7070 color temperature 2,700 K-6,500 K, high color rendering index of product options. The new 7070 high power LED both have Jingke reliability, 3030 compared with the mature product, with higher brightness, can achieve a smaller area of the high flux output. 7070 There are 9 ~ 13W, 120lm / W, you can replace the COB program. 7070 brought a new technology platform that provides the best combination of technologies for our lighting customers, effectively avoid the limitations of the power LED high bay light. BrilliantColor to produce similar color properties, such as ceramic metal halide discharge lamp (CMH) high-intensity gas retail frequently used (HID). The 7070 LED arena light product increases the color gamut, the color rendering index (CRI) of 85. As a single LED device, capable of an array requiring low system cost and high reliability, high lumen applications (such as high ceiling lights, outdoor area lighting and downlights, etc.) used. backpfrontp company said, SMD 7070 LED gym lights series products are now able to provide a sample application, and according to the standard lead time for mass production. (This article is Jingke electronic submission) backp