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Country Star Power To Spend 60 Million Yuan On Equipment Purchase Contracts Signed

Feb 25, 2017

  Country star power equipment purchase contract signed backpfrontp country star power (002,449), Oct. 19 announcement that the company signed with the first field of microelectronics, 'Domestic Equipment Purchase contract ', and with ASM Pacific (Hong Kong) Limited signed the' import equipment purchase contracts. ' The total contract price for the 39.73 million yuan, respectively, and $ 3.33 million. backpfrontp country star power, said foreign purchases of production equipment is the introduction of the company's business based on actual requirements for sustainable development, related equipment will help the company raise investment project implementation and up to production,stadium lighting is conducive to further expand its production scale, so as our customers provide more cost-competitive products and services, and further enhance the market competitiveness of the company as a whole. backpfrontp future, the country star power will be more emphasis on diversification of product development, depending on the application market, the customer level, application areas, provide more series of multiple solutions, to develop a complete product line to address market segments, such as IR UV, plant lighting, automotive LED stadium lights and so on. backpfrontp Mason Technologies suspension planning a major asset restructuring progress backpfrontp Mason Technologies (002654), Oct. 19 announcement that the company due to planning major events, the company stock (securities referred to: Mason Technologies, Stock Code: 002654) since July 2015 3 opening date suspension. The date of this announcement, the company and related parties are actively pushing the due diligence of this major asset reorganization involved in the audit, evaluation,high power led flood light program feasibility studies and other work.  According to regulations, the company's stock will continue to be suspended since October 19, 2015 opening. During the suspension period, the company will timely implementation of information disclosure obligations under the relevant provisions, published at least once every five days progress bulletin on the matter. major issues Tongfang progress backpfrontp Recently,1000W LED flood lights shares the same side Tsinghua Holdings controlling shareholder received notice to planning a major asset reorganization, for the company's stock has been suspended since 12 October 2015. backpfrontp through communication with Tsinghua Holdings, Tsinghua Holdings strategic restructuring and operational changes to its operating assets and related industries involved in its system include, but are not limited to, planning for the integrated circuit industry between affiliated companies and asset restructuring, which could lead to include Guoxin Electronics Co., Ltd. with the side part of the shares of major asset restructuring the company and affiliated with the party Guoxin Electronics Co., Ltd., as well as involving the company will hold a sale to matters under Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Unisplendour Group. backpfrontp date of this announcement, the company is working with the parties on the overall transaction of the above major issues were actively advising,RGB led flood light  consultation and demonstration, is still in the planning stage, there are still uncertainties. Company stock since October 19, 2015 to continue the suspension, and to determine whether to enter a major asset restructuring suspension procedure within 5 days (including the suspension the same day) announcement on the date of the stock suspension. backpfrontp Feile Audio-Visual major issues suspend backpfrontp Feile Audio-Visual (600,651), Oct. 19 announcement that the company is planning major issues, the company shares suspended since 19 October 2015. Feile Audio-Visual said it would determine whether the above major issues as quickly as possible, and to date the stock suspension from the date of 5 working days (including the suspension the same day) announcement related matters progress. Lehman shares backpfrontp abnormal fluctuations in stock backpfrontp Lehman shares (300162), Oct. 19 announcement that the company stock within three consecutive trading day closing price on October 14, 2015 to October 16, 2015 price deviation value a total of more than 20%. According to regulations, it belongs to unusual fluctuations in the stock trading case. backpfrontp Related Fact Sheets: backpfrontp 1, the issue of shares and payment of cash to buy Shenzhen City Extension Technology Co., Ltd. 100% equity share and raise matching funds through unconditional matters. led tunnel lights backpfrontp 2, company disclosed preliminary information does not exist need to correct, supplement the Department; backpfrontp 3, recent public media coverage may or may not have a greater impact on the company's stock trading price of undisclosed material information; led tennis court lights backpfrontp 4, the recent operation of the Company and internal and external business environment was no significant change; backpfrontp 5, more than 5% of the shareholders of the Company and hold the Company had no significant events regarding the Company should be disclosed without the disclosure of important matters, or in the planning stages; backpfrontp 6, holding more than 5% of the Company's shares during the stock abnormal fluctuations in stock trading behavior does not occur. backpfrontp 7, led gym lights the recent performance of the company did not find the leak appeared before disclosed in periodic reports or rumors that cause abnormal fluctuations due to the performance of the company stock and derivatives trading undisclosed material information. backpfrontp Risk Warning: backpfrontp 1, the board confirmed that the case in violation of fair disclosure of company information does not exist. backpfrontp 2, the company issued shares and pay cash to buy Shenzhen City Extension Technology Co., Ltd. 100% equity share and raise matching funds by China Securities Regulatory Commission has not yet received formal approval documents,led arena lights China Securities Regulatory Commission will be the company received approval documents be announced. backpfrontp 3, Lehman shares is expected to January 1, 2015 to September 30, 2015 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 2,513.06 ten thousand yuan -3,015.67 million, increased by 0% over the previous year --20%. backp