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Countdown To Five Days To Crack Down On The Golden Globes Committee Reiterated Act Of Brush!

Mar 16, 2017

    Cumulative voting more than 230,000 votes, nearly 380,000 people visited, election products / Case 140. This is the latest battlefield backpfrontp Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Award good product phase micro-channel voting! backpfrontp Engineering LED stadium lights Golden Globe Award since 2010, has been held five times, aimed at encouraging companies to launch a good product, technological innovation and brand building. It has gradually become the industry's most authoritative, the most open and transparent chief contest, so there is LED stadium lighting Oscar said. backpfrontp 2015 has named the top ten awards, including best works of the Year Award, the annual Technology Innovation Award, Best Brands micro marketing poster award. backpfrontp Engineering 2015 to win the Golden Globe, micro-channel voting stage is the most important part, according to the organizing committee of Engineering introduced the Golden Globes, you first need to ensure that the number of high power led flood light voting participation in the first three prizes to finalists, smoothly After the finalists, according to the judges scores to determine each award winner Golden Globe. Micro-channel voting votes decide the proportion accounted for 70% of the finalists, 1000W led flood light organizers said, can not win a prize, micro-channel voting Votes level is also an important factor. backpfrontp ensure maximum votes in real time. Voting rules a cell phone, only one vote for a certain product / cases within 24 hours, while each committee will represent ticket data collation backpfrontp organizing committee official Golden Globes, voted in the micro-letter Stage, Golden Globe After verification committee found that the resulting business vote, there many cases of illegal behavior brush votes, led tennis court lights the committee has issued a warning letter to those companies, and the organizing committee have the right to vote before the deadline will be micro-channel which does not compliance with the voting rules deemed invalidated. backpfrontp Meanwhile, the committee reiterated that a case will be considered invalidated: backpfrontp 1, candidates for their own employees where the business vote; backpfrontp 2, non-LED gym lighting industry chain-related enterprises; backpfrontp 3, voting registration information is incorrect. backp