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Construction Of The Complete Chain 'market Resources - Technology - - Manufacturing' Interpretation Of The Country Star Power

Mar 14, 2017

 After InvenLux bought 62.5% stake, the country star power (002449.SZ) shot again, this is not to buy the company, but to buy equipment. October 19 announcement,LED stdium lights the company purchased a batch of high-speed wire bonder and die placement machine from the first field of microelectronics and ASM hands. backpfrontp country star power on the middle reaches of the linkage approach is self-evident. We take on the downstream collaborative innovation, midstream and downstream industry chain regularly discuss with the technical staff to achieve the integration of resources linkage and integration. Country star power Dr. Li Cheng, deputy general manager, confirmed the author's views. backpfrontp R \u0026 D resources + cost control LED stadium lighting industry as a whole industrial chain layout of the few who backed Rising country star power company's strong capital strength and the company's own research and development, the formation of a Resource - Technical - Manufacturing - Market complete chain. Including through the development of new technology directions, the conventional product and process improvement,high power led flood light develop solutions, and many other research and development work for the special needs of customers, the company's middle and lower reaches of the R \u0026 D staff are collaboration, and formed a kind of collaborative innovation norm. backpfrontp (which together discuss ways to communicate) effectively solve many practical problems. At the same chain of hardware and software resources and human resources we are able to achieve adequate coordination open sharing, efficient and cost-saving system. Dr. Li Cheng revealed. backpfrontp 2015 years of market prices is not as the beginning of the industry expected,1000W led flood light product prices and margins are in unexpected rate of decline, many companies due to decrease in gross profit, cash flow constraints and other factors, will focus on how to reduce product costs, to seek more Big profits, ignoring technological innovation. backpfrontp reduce costs itself right, just to see what way to reduce costs. Some enterprises regardless of product quality and selection of raw materials unreliable Banded approach, and undesirable. And by insisting on technical innovation and expand production to reduce costs, it is a long-term path. It is understood that the country star power annually by not less than 4% of sales conducted research investment, combined with a simultaneous expansion of production scale, in enhancing competitiveness, but also an assessment of the manufacturing cost. backpfrontp capital strength + market acceptance backpfrontp since 2015, a surge in capital market activity, LED tunnel lights packaging companies are based on their own development plans, to the right of the target company have extended an olive branch. Unlike some companies listed on the capital market frequently moves, the country star power in this regard did not much. There has been speculation the company behind Rising too strong, however, is not true. Country star power director, general manager, said Dr. Wang Sen: For acquisitions, the country star power has been holding an open mind, but also hope to cooperate with the industry's best companies to seek more favorable opportunities for development, but at this stage does not yet met the right object. backpfrontp and InvenLux become one of the few lucky ones. InvenLux main LED arena lighs epitaxial wafers and chips, semiconductor lighting, photovoltaic module development, manufacturing; LED display systems engineering, urban lighting lighting project construction; lighting design, in areas such as high-power ultraviolet chip has a unique technology and market segments advantage. backpfrontp undeniable that InvenLux added, would help the country star power to adjust and optimize the product structure, the latter upstream chip has a certain competitiveness to enhance the role. backpfrontp aside the main industry of the LED package of performance scenery still do not say, at this year's LED gym lighting market economy is not the whole of the environment, be regarded as a rising star of country star power lighting applications business is a steady increase. Brand influence, the country star power extends from the RGB LED flood light package to the downstream applications. backpfrontp Guoxing lighting business more oriented to commercial lighting, lighting products, supplemented by the flow of the class. Lighting Division Xu Zhenfeng, general manager, said that this year in downlights, ceiling, T5 stent lights and other core products, growth was particularly evident, and showed a good momentum of development. Superior products, customer base is increasing, professional team effort, we are the direct cause of this situation occurs. contour map backpfrontp country star power of a complete industrial chain of increasingly clear, the strength of capital, supporting technology, optimizing manufacturing costs, market acceptance, let the upper, middle and lower reaches of each puzzle increasingly seamless, synergies will be formed in a more competitive emerged. backp