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Competition Speed And Scale Across The Board! Around Half The Pace Of Expansion LED Giant

Oct 25, 2016

 LED Huang Yaping Engineering With the rapid growth of the LED industry, the global market continues to adjust changes in the competitive landscape, the optimal allocation of resources and enhance the efficiency of the largest of the ultimate goal of enterprises. Can be determined, the investment expansion in 2015 will remain the same focus. Upstream chip, sapphire Changzhi invested over 300 million yuan Tech Start-tech LED Changzhi LED stadium light expansion project launched in 2010, with a total investment of 3.7 billion yuan, the completion of the sapphire substrate, crystals, epitaxy and chip packaging and lighting, display, television whiteboards 9 projects. Changzhi High-tech investment over 300 million yuan this year to start the package, display, accessories shop three projects. Blue Synopsys fund-raising 6 billion expansion Sapphire Technology Lexile total fund-raising not more than 6.026 billion yuan, of which 3.402 billion yuan for the production of sapphire and intelligent terminal application projects, 1.624 billion yuan for 3D curved glass production project, 1000000000 yuan used to supplement working capital. Through years of deep plowing in the field of protective glass and accumulation, blue Synopsys established industry-leading technology, and according to market demand layout at Sapphire, 3D curved glass sphere, has acquired a mature production technology. Xinhai to the successful completion of the second phase of expansion high power LED flood light current LED market gradually pick up, the chip market stays at about 30% annual growth rate, especially with the gradual implementation of the global ban on the promotion of the white plan, LED lighting market prospects. Xinhai decision after careful launched 1000W LED flood light II expansion plans, further expansion of LED chip production capacity. It is understood that last year's third quarter, a new nanocrystalline 20 sets of MOCVD may all be mass production, monthly production capacity to reach 100,000. The first half of 2014 revenues amounted LED products to achieve 36.2471 million yuan, gross margin reached 16.88%. BDO Runda raise 4.5 billion yuan for the LED street lighting project BDO Runda be not less than the price of 11.89 yuan / share, to no more than 10 non-public offering specific investors, not more than 378 million shares, the total funds raised not more than 4.5 billion yuan, which plans to invest 2 billion yuan for the LED flip chip project investment of 1.5 billion project for the LED arena light scale package, one billion yuan used to supplement working capital. LED chip-scale packaging project is finished to meet the company's demand for 4.25 billion annual package of flip chip, chip-scale packaged devices form an annual production capacity of 4.25 billion. Completion of the project is put into production, the annual sales income of 2.972 billion yuan, total profit of 268 million yuan. Three optical LED bay light industry projects to raise investment Sanan Optoelectronics said the first half on the one hand to speed up the construction of LED main industry of construction in progress, lay a solid foundation for the subsequent expansion of the scale; on the other hand actively seeking ways to enhance value-added products, in order to continue to enhance the the company's profitability ready. It is understood that a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanan Optoelectronics raise investment projects in Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Co., the main infrastructure has been implemented, the order of 100 lumen (converted to 2 inches 54 machine, the equivalent of 200) MOCVD equipment has reached 32 Taiwan cavity. Reported three optical equity investment projects in Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. LED industrial projects has invested 2.141 billion yuan, 77.92 percent progress of the project reached the original plan. Raise investment projects have been gradually put into operation in April 2015. Midstream Package: Shamenxinda two years to accelerate expansion set by the LED business development in September 2013, set by Xindeco release plan, the actual funds raised 671 million yuan, of which 389 million yuan for the expansion project Anxi gym lights package , 149 million yuan for the expansion of Xiamen LED packaging and application projects. June 9, 2015, set by the expansion Xindeco again thrown program. Quasi-public offering to raise funds not more than 1.3 billion yuan, of which the letter of optoelectronic packaging and application expansion project invested 640 million yuan, high bay light display package expansion project invested 110 million yuan. As of June 30, 2015, Xiamen actual investment 48,580,600 yuan expansion project, Anxi actual amount invested 64,587,700 yuan. After Xindeco action in the field of LED is still increasing. Jufei Optoelectronics million set by 6600 in accordance with the approved increase LED expansion last October's additional plans, Jufei Optoelectronics funds raised 600 million yuan, 320 million yuan backlighting LED product expansion project for 214 million yuan with LED lighting product expansion project, 066 million yuan for the expansion of LED technology research and development center. In fact, in recent years, LED industry technology update iterations quickly, and continuously improve production efficiency, increasing competitive pressure at home and abroad, continue to maintain innovation, improve the overall competitiveness, LED enterprises to further expand market share, improve market position the necessary measures. Jufei Optoelectronics understand this. Linsen prepared by fund-raising 2.3 billion yuan to expand production can be listed only six months, the package leading Linsen (002745.SZ) issuance on dishing out the banner, to be comprehensive expansion package, lighting production capacity, to meet the LED lighting the golden period of the next three years. According to Sen announced additional plans, it intends to raise net proceeds of not more than 2.316 billion yuan. Funds raised will be used exclusively for Xiaolan SMD RGB led flood light packaging technology projects, Gian SMD LED package a construction project and Xinyu LED lighting applications a construction project three projects. Wherein Xiaolan SMD LED packaging technology projects 616 million yuan to raise funds to be used, Gian SMD LED package a construction project to raise funds to be invested 943 million yuan, 757 million yuan to raise additional funds are invested Xinyu LED lighting applications a construction project. Hongli Opto-electronic proposed additional 700 million yuan expansion SMD LED lighting with the rapid growth of demand, Hongli Opto-electronic rapid expansion in recent years as a leading business scale white package, the last three years a production line of SMD LED capacity utilization increased every year. It is understood that the first quarter of 2015 Hongli Opto-electronic SMD LED capacity utilization reached 88.39%, taking into account the different factors that monthly peak of production, the company SMD LED production lines full capacity, can not meet the future needs of the company's rapid growth. The proposed additional fund-raising Hongli Opto-electronic vote in Nanchang, Jiangxi SMD LED stadium floodlights construction projects, will help the company to ease capacity constraints, and expand business scale, lower production costs and enhance the company's core competitiveness, enhance the company's profitability. Everlight, the new century more than 1.4 billion yuan fund-raising expansion busy chip factory in the new century will increase at the shareholders meeting by current plans private placement; Everlight Board then through a 50 billion New Taiwan dollars (below, equivalent to about 998 million million) of convertible bonds for plant expansion, with substantial working capital. Packaging factory billion light next three years a substantial increase plan has been finalized $ 1.3 billion (equivalent to about 259 million yuan) to buy a new plant in Miaoli gong. Downstream display, lighting Chau Ming science and technology to raise funds supporting the draft coded LED main industry June 3, 2015, Chau Ming Technology set by consecutive throws plans and issue shares to buy assets and raise funds supporting the draft, overweight LED main industry. According to plan, Chau Ming Technology intends to price 16.96 yuan / share to early Lu Dong, Qian Yu army issued 1267.69 million shares, the acquisition of Radiant 40% stake, while the company's actual control, Lin Ming-feng, who at the same issue price of 1,267.69 million shares, raising no more than 215 million yuan of matching funds for capital construction to Radiant high LED display technology upgrade project, R \u0026 D center construction projects, supplementary Radiant liquidity. Rectangular lighting set by raising more than 900 million energy-saving lighting company intends to force the non-public offering of not more than 100 million shares, raising total funds not more than 910,717,500 yuan, used in PPP mode based lighting energy service projects and supplement working capital . Rectangular lighting subsidiary Huizhou rectangular building construction contract has been officially signed and put into construction, in 2015 the company will arrange production according to the project renovation and construction, the project as soon as possible into a set of research and development, production and sales in one of the lamps manufacturing center.