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Competition In Manufacturing Will Be Key To The Future--OAKLED Stadium Lights

Sep 20, 2016

Hyun-seok photoelectric shock plate feeding speed placement machine Engineering LED 2015 Golden Globe race

Engineering LED Zhuangao】 【frontp [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] FINANCE scholar Lang pointed out that competition in manufacturing will be key to the future great power competition. The importance of the manufacturing sector as a manufacturing country, the device is self-evident. backpfrontp LED industry is still the industry, stadium lights,equipment performance and improved efficiency of labor-intensive, labor costs can be reduced to a large extent, to ensure product quality and consistency. In fact, some domestic equipment has reached the international level, but the price compared with the same type of equipment should be a lot cheaper imports, led stadium light,domestic equipment with a high price to become the best choice for packaging companies. backpfrontp Engineering at the annual Golden Globe race, Hyun-seok photoelectric complete research and development of high-speed placement machine soon attracted wide attention. backp speed placement machine backpfrontp LED lighting display in the traditional production process, high power led flood light,LED automatic placement machine will LED lights mounted on the substrate, to create a variety of lighting products and display screen. And Hyun-seok photoelectric high-speed SMT placement machine to overturn the traditional process, using shock plate feed, eliminating SMD package multi-channel process to bring the manufacturing cost, stadium floodlight,eliminating the taping session, saving water and electricity costs braid, labor costs; linear motor driven variable-pitch type patch nose patch, greatly improving production efficiency. backpfrontp It is understood that Hyun-seok photoelectric high-speed chip and on the basis of the original single-head placement machine, an increase of a bulk feeder, tennis court lights,productivity doubled; and bulk feeder can replace the feeder material, compatible and can be replaced and strong; further enhance cost; equipment package saves taping session, saving a huge amount of production costs. backpfrontp On the other hand, feeding machine with manual adjustment of the device, the pitch setting, automatic operation, convenient optical parameters and other interface detection setting, debugging; wide applicability, can be attached to both medium and large area of products, such as 1.2 ~ 1.5M fluorescent lamps, panel lights, 0.5 ~ 1M soft lights, etc; also applicable without size SMD material, such as 2835,3528,5730,5050 and so on.China led light backpfrontp (The equipment) competitive advantage is obvious. Once the market, we gained the customers. Hyun-seok photoelectric FORESTRY AND chairman told Engineering LED. backpfrontp It is understood that the design of high-speed placement machine has won the Gold Award 2015 Industrial Design Award Hongfan, we can win the 2015 Engineering Annual Golden Globe LED Technology Innovation Award, worth the wait. backp