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COB To The Outbreak Worse It?----oak Led Flood Light

Oct 09, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] GGII survey data show that in 2017, COB stadium lights will account for about 15% LED lighting package value of the field, it has a large market in commercial lighting. The COB after nearly six years of development, the advantages of the LED lighting in the area revealed beyond doubt. backpfrontp Hongli Opto-electronic COB helm, stone super engineering technology research and development managers believe, COB development currently experiencing some bottlenecks, COB on some controversial topics, some non-disclosure of secrets hidden in between is time opened. backp Engineering R \u0026 D Manager - stone super LED stadium light development all the way forward, from the initial functional requirements to the present but also the pursuit of quality and design aesthetic lighting, COB emerged. But faced with the size of the COB diversified power no standards, require high drive power problems, and this series is difficult to set standards, affecting the degree of automation COB popularity, and the popularity of automated and directly restricts the development of COB. backpfrontp fact, COB after nearly six years of development, the advantages of the high power LED flood light in the area revealed beyond doubt. The COB Hongli Opto-electronic development process has been around the new material, it is precisely because the early layout, Hongli Opto-electronic in COB package currently have four fully automated production lines, 2015 will be expanded to eight, monthly production capacity will reach 3000k . backpfrontp COB wide range of applications, the light of increasingly high color rendering index, light engine and chip-level CSP COB 1000W LED flood light derived as two special types, can be done more cost-effective, higher reliability and higher light density. Hongli Opto-electronic also (in the CSP field) research for a long time, so much the COB, DOB may be more appropriate. Shi-chao, while flip is concentrated on the two extremes - the low-end and high-end. fact, work from home lighting to lighting, from super RGB led flood lighting to industrial lighting, COB can try and provide intelligence support. COB applications so there is room for imagination, in the application should also pay attention to some details. For example, the degree of thermal grease coating thickness, the application of snap kit, LED components can not touch other aspects, engineering and technical personnel need to carefully communicate with customers. Stone Super summed COB application process issues that need attention from the ordinary course of communication with customers in contact. backpfrontp high-quality lighting can create a very comfortable and pleasant environment, while better display merchandise. COB led street lighting solutions using the COB technology application features to maximize, to fully meet the supermarkets, the diverse needs of office lighting, restaurants, hotels and other different applications. Hongli Opto-electronic (300219.SZ) Jiao Qi, senior product manager believes that the impact of light quality COB has five factors, namely: Rf \u0026 amp; Rg double index, the standard color reference light source, colorimetric and color distortion icon. backpfrontp However, a good lighting does not just better quality light source, supporting the reflector cup, power supply, etc. will also have an impact on the lamp light, life and so on. backp Darko general manager Zhang Xiong COB backpfrontp To achieve better lighting effects, select the secondary optics is very important. Zhongshan Darko general manager Zhang Xiong pointed out that the effect of the lens is no vice-light class, light shape more beautiful, if the design is the use of TIR, the light efficiency is relatively high. Different applications for secondary optics have different choices and requirements, such as wall lights, gym lights will be more use of reflective glass. Zhang Xiong said secondary optics also need to meet the designer's requirements, to achieve the effect they like. He believes that no secondary optics must be the best suitable is the best. backpfrontp solve technical problems, solve optics, optical efficiency can be guaranteed, the next is to solve the reliability, stability and longevity issues. backp Germany Lipu Product Director Pu Cheng backpfrontp now increasingly high demand for LED bay light, no flicker is very high frequency words appear. ? How can it be achieved without stroboscopic Shenzhen Deli \u0026 P Product Director Pu Cheng suggested that there are several programs to solve: Passive PFC + valley fill circuit; two-stage program, active PFC correction + DC-DC constant current circuit; no PFC correction The BUCK circuit; LED power supply DC terminal series to ripple (no flash) dedicated IC; LED power supply series DC terminal linear constant current circuit. Meanwhile, in doing foreign market, paying particular attention to the different requirements of different national markets voltages. Pu Cheng expressed. backpfrontp COB applications precisely because there is room for imagination on the applications will have a lot of problems to note. For example, the degree of thermal grease coating thickness, the application of snap kit, LED tunnel light components can not touch, and many other aspects, in Hongli Opto-electronic engineering technology research and development manager for rock super view, these details are R \u0026 D engineers and application needs more customers communication of. backpfrontp LED development all the way forward, from the initial functional requirements to the present but also the pursuit of quality and design aesthetics of light, not just of the light source is required, and requires a light source, secondary optics, drive the overall layout of the power line. backpfrontp this point of view, COB outbreak has been imminent.