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Circle Homogeneous Low-cost, Out-barbaric Subversion LED Intelligent Lighting How To Go

Aug 08, 2017

 Recently, the eighth victory in the Fifth Plenary Session held in Beijing,LED stadium lights the Fifth Plenary Session communique summarized the five-second results, outlook thirteen five development goals promote and establish innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development philosophy. nature backpfrontp five development concept is also very consistent with the LED stadium lighting, LED can achieve far more than lighting, lighting of lamps started to be gradually lifted, LED lighting industry is not limited to a light, but you can Intelligent improve people's lives, a way of working environment. backpfrontp United States, a survey report shows that in 2019 global shipments of wireless smart lighting products will reach 400 million. The report predicted Europe, North America and the European Union in 2019 will have 60 million households purchase wisdom lighting products. Just from the figures, the market how much a lot of money, but it must be the direction of future development of high power LED flood lighting. backpfrontp achieve LED intelligent lighting light barriers that understanding. Guangdong Xiao Ming Network Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mei Zhimin represented. In his view, natural light, lighting (lamp), the nature of artificial intelligence is smart light illumination. backpfrontp In fact, a couple of years ago, smart lighting had been mentioned by the Imagination, but after years of development, and no rapid results, the company a lot of dead, but no company can stand up and say that they doing pretty good,1000W led flood light with raw Di photoelectric CEO Shen Jin Xiang's words, at present there is no boss intelligent lighting, we are a little confused. backpfrontp do boss intelligent lighting field, need to have some kind of ability? Shen Kam-cheung think the following points, we must first understand the lighting industry, familiar with the application of light, there is a certain ability to research and development and manufacturing lighting products, which is the basis for . Deeper, owned a APP, WiFi, large data processing software and processing capabilities,LED high bay lights enterprises have Internet genes, can use the Internet to build and operate thinking smart products. backpfrontp can really do the above points may be few and far between, one that familiar with the application of light can be stumped a lot of people. Mitsuo \u0026 middot; Aurora Lighting Design on a national tour of the Inaugural, LED tennis court lights Deputy General Manager Chen Songhui has said (we built the platform) mainly around the light, not just lighting. backpfrontp LED current situation, the inner aspect of the industry is homogeneous, low price of the competition, on the other hand has also been the influx of outside industry barbarians subversion. Here that the barbarians, referring to the LED's not doing this, but, and LED gym lights are inextricably linked, such as the Internet chiefs, chiefs and other such appliances. They layout of the smart home, it will greatly stimulate the development of smart lighting will have a huge impact on existing LED intelligent lighting pattern. backpfrontp if determined to intelligent lighting, the best way is to do product content, and well-known platform for cooperation, form a rich ecosystem, shared resources. backp