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Choosing The Color Temperature For LED Football Stadium Lighting

Nov 04, 2020

How To Choosing The Color Temperature

For LED Football Stadium Lighting?

In the past few years, LED lights have become more and more popular because they are both energy efficient and brighter than traditional lamps. For any stadium, LED is the best choice because it is brighter and more durable. LED lighting fixtures can provide the consistent lighting levels to ensure the safety and enjoyment of players and viewers. In addition to the brightness of the lamps, another important thing is the color temperature of the lamps. The color temperature of the lights plays an important role in setting the mood of the players.

So today we will explain which color temperature is suitable for stadium lighting projects in this essay.

1. The importance of good lighting in the football stadium

Good lighting design is always important for the game and the players. The lighting for a football stadium needs to be surrounded. In addition, the LED lights used need to have high power and can travel long distance in the stadium. The LED lights used should provide daylight that is similar to the effect so that the players can get a clear view when playing. Another benefit of LED lighting is its advanced beam control and less light spillover than other types of lights.

In general football lighting, it is usually recommended to use a 2-pole arrangement with 4 or 6 pieces lamps. In a 4-pole arrangement, 2 light poles are located on each side of the football field with 2 pieces lamps per pole. But in a 6-pole arrangement, 3 poles are located on each side, which is closer to the sidelines of the field.

Because the beam spread should put maximum light on the football field without creating any hot spots, the minimum mounting height of these poles should be 50 feet, which will ensure to cover a long distance inside the field.

2. Comparison of different color temperatures

The color temperature of the LED lamp is measured in Kelvin. Here are 3 main color temperatures to help you understand the intensity of each lighting.

1) 3000K

3000K is closer to soft yellow or low white which can give people a soothing, warm and relaxing effect. So this color temperature is best for families because it provides a relaxed atmosphere.

2) 5000K

5000K is closer to bright white which can provide clear vision and energy for people. So this color temperature is suitable for football, baseball, tennis, etc. different sports fields

3) 6000K

6000K is the most vibrant and closer to the white color temperature, which can provide a complete and clear daylight vision for people. And this color temperature is mainly used in various sports venues.

3. The best color temperature for the football field

As we explained above, it is highly recommended to use bright color temperature for LED lighting in a football stadium. And 6000K is the perfect for a football stadium lighting because this color temperature not only can provide the bright white light for football stadium, but also can produce a daylight effect which can provide a clear visions on the field for the players and spectators.

4. Why the color temperature affects the mood of the players and spectators

According to a research that tests the feeling of people when they are at different color temperatures, it is proved that the color temperature affects the mood of the people. The human body will release a certain hormone when at different color temperature. For example, a low color light will trigger the release of a hormone called melatonin, which causes us to get tired or sleepy. And the light color temperature like 3000K is easily gives people a warm and relaxing feeling. But a high color light will increase the serotonin hormone in the body, so the high color temperature like 5000K or 6000K can bring instant energy to the players or spectators in the game.

For the players who are in the game, they need a lot of strength and energy to play the game efficiently. The bright color temperature like 5000K or 6000K, especially the effect of daylight, which can enhance their mood and bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm, so finally making their performance better in the game.