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Chongqing Silian: Patent Street Light Tunnel Lights Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Race---oak Led Flood Light

Oct 09, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] Chongqing Silian is the well-known domestic manufacturer of outdoor lighting products, including street lights, tunnel lights, etc., is also one of the first manufacturers to launch smart lights. backpfrontp It is understood, led street lighting and led tunnel light have quadruple the number of patents, from cooling technology to the secondary optical technology, have reached a leading domestic level. Modular design ensures shorter delivery time, maintenance and repair are also more convenient. Also has overtemperature, overvoltage, overcurrent and multiple protection features, its 10K + 6K-level two-level mine design, can effectively guarantee product reliability. And perfect glare control, so zero vertical uniformity up to 0.95. Related People backp street backpfrontp quadruple Marketing Department introduced the overall optical efficiency of stadium lights dustproof lens module up to 94%, higher than the peanut-shaped module lens alone (about 90%), far higher than peanut-shaped module lens plus transparent protective cover (about 88%); and the outer surface of the lens module dust as a similar overall structure of the plane (with a small bump on the plane), the protruding height of only 0.5mm, not only the outer surface of the lens is not easy to gather the ash layer,led stadium light and even if there are gray layer is also easy to wipe clean, greatly reducing the impact of environmental factors on late lighting a light efficiency. backpfrontp With the development of LED lights / tunnel lights, intelligent unstoppable trend. backp tunnel lights backpfrontp traditional street lighting system can not be remote, real-time, single-point,High power led flood light no centralized group management, no data monitoring. Things LED-based lighting control system not only solves the problem, but also intelligent running lights system, automatic repair functions. backpfrontp quadruple the street smart system uses ZigBee,1000W LED flood light 3G / GPRS and other communications technologies, easy to implement, free wiring. While using the remote control, real-time control, group control, policy control, the monitoring center can realize all the lights in the system for real-time and efficient management, improve management efficiency. backpfrontp Engineering LED bay light Golden Globe in 2015 campaign, quadruple confidently reported on the lights, tunnel lights and related intelligent control system, can win the title, it is worth the wait.