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Chong Wei 4K Ultra High Definition Display System 'amazing' BIRTV2015---led Flood Light

Oct 07, 2016

frontp August 26, the three-day event BIRTV 2015 broadcasting official at the Beijing International Exhibition Center opened. As one of the four focus of this stadium lights exhibition, 4K Ultra HD related latest technologies, applications, the results have appeared. Booth 4006 in Hall 4, Granville 4K Ultra HD DLP display system with excellent display, stable display capability, ultra-HD resolution screen perfect realization of cross-media studio picture fusion show, both fully meet the 4K broadcasting era Ultra-high-definition screen display industry demand, and comprehensive development of the broadcasting industry fit the trend of new media and traditional media convergence. backpbackpfrontp in Vtron amp;high power led flood light stand on the ocean by six ultra high definition display Vtron 67 ocean-wide media studio big-screen real-time rendering system units, interpretation of radio and television industry TV Entertainment, sporting events, commercials and other application scenarios various information screens. The appearance of Viagra, a super high-definition display system, with the entire wall 4200 * 2100 ultra-high resolution and high brightness 1500ANSI lumens, the era of the broadcasting industry to meet the 4K image and quality of the pursuit of perfection. backpfrontp scene demonstration, oceans through a dedicated APP software,1000W LED flood light allowing viewers handset screen and full-screen cross-media studio big-screen interaction, the audience can participate in quiz programs through mobile phones, but also through direct access to the phone a shake test ad models driving test ride reservation. Among them, Chong Wei 4K ultra high-definition display system information in real-time rendering program, interactive information, mobile terminal interface and other content, truly cross-screen display multimedia convergence, effectively increasing the audience interactive experience. backpbackpfrontp In addition,RGB led flood light the ultra-high-definition 4K DLP display system, Chong Wei is also the site of the Phoenix Beijing studio to share the broadcasting industry benchmarking project, Chong Wei small pitch LED display product lead. Chong Wei small pitch LED products with a high refresh rate, anti-reflective design, safety and reliability advantages, especially in the refresh rate,led tunnel light reach 8000HZ, water ripples, display high-quality, meet the quality requirements of radio and television display screen. backpbackpfrontp brings high-quality content is broadcast television viewing enjoyment with respect to other content greatest advantage. HD technology has developed to the institutional and practical application of technology is very mature stage, the next step towards a foregone conclusion to 4K Ultra HD technology. Chong Wei 4K ultra high definition display system with its leading edge technology to bring the audience a wonderful visual experience, will become the choice for the broadcasting industry, the studio backdrop system. (This article is Chong Wei Contributor)