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Chinese Crazy Pursuit LED Lighting Industry Heavyweights But Standing On The Sidelines Of International

Dec 19, 2016

 In recent years, the rapid development of China's LED stadium lighting market, LED business LED industry desperately overweight, but with the Chinese mad pursuit LED stadium lights different, the real heavyweights in the international lighting industry seems to be standing on the sidelines: backpfrontp GE is the originator of the world's lighting industry, every a major breakthrough in lighting industry is led by GE, but also the world's first high power LED flood light practicality by GE's NickHolonyak Mr invention, but for LED, GE has been no large-scale investment, their attitude is interesting, Do not they know LED lighting is the development direction? backpfrontp Philips is the world's largest lighting company, they put LED business to the Chinese people but retains the traditional business, if the 1000W LED flood light is really so good, why do they sell? backpfrontp firm Osram touches touches : sell traditional business, focused LED, lights, stage, medical and other special lighting backpfrontp fact, it is very easy figured:! Osram light source itself, is the world's most professional source company in the LED chip, phosphor, etc. within the core areas have strong technical strength and fundamental patents, they certainly will not give up LED tunnel light, OSRAM itself in lighting and other aspects of itself is weak, the traditional source is the homogenization of competition, it is better to give up sticking. backpfrontp This is essentially different and Philips: Philips is the absolute leader in the field of traditional lighting, of course they will not easily give up the lead, LED bay light chaos of a group also makes them feel helpless, while the concept of young beautiful LED, or as early as possible better price can be secured. backpfrontp many domestic tyrant have been gearing up to buy Osram traditional business, cheering for the local tyrant but also a hint of worry: the Chinese people will be able to abandon the tradition of OSRAM lights play out flowers I do not think?. backpfrontp remember once TCL Li Dongsheng and former GE CEO Jack Welch attended a dialogue organized by the CCTV, Li Dongsheng ask Welch: backpfrontp Li Dongsheng, TCL backpfrontp how able to buy the Thomson television business to do? If we can do a good job, we would not have had to sell the business to the French people. Welch sincerely hope not to repeat the safety of China's lighting industry color buy Dow CRT glass production line, BenQ acquired Siemens Networks footsteps! backpfrontp traditional chiefs ambiguous attitude, a strong cross-border into the LED street lighting industry, semiconductor giant is not reality optimistic: backpfrontp CREE LED lighting is recognized as the boss, but now the recall of products, cuts, layoffs; backpfrontp US Langming being ostentatious Xiamen Sanan reverted to the charge of the United States Puri also CEC (China Electronic Information Group) bought ;Samsung retreated Korea; backpfrontp Sharp, Citizen losses, have closed factories, exit LED arena light business rumors.They spared no strength to participate? Or do not want to wade this muddy water? Should the latter mostly! bigwigs are in wait and see. They basically do not want to roll into our common price quagmire, happy to see us in the direction of these mice was unknown minefield trip mine to find a way! But once the market matures regulate them, they will be generous basic smitten with capital, technology scale, brand and other advantages of resources to seize the market, and even direct acquisition, frozen rival until the divide, to monopolize the market, the price war is now launching these pioneer then it would not be powerful, often become any other fish people slaughtered,led gym lights even innocent people will be to explore the market, vanished. backpfrontp However, since the era of Language changes, we can not too conservative complacency, this market is so big, all want to try, if successful it? But how to try? backpfrontp there may very particular, and how a stress law? We then went back to talk about! backp