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China LED Strongest Lineup Collective Debut Next Three Years The Industry The Opportunity To Feel The Pulse

Dec 20, 2018

   Engineering Engineering LED stadium lights production and research Institute (GGII) data show that in 2015, China's LED lighting industry output value of 210.5 billion yuan of scale, an increase of 18.5%. About 5000 lighting companies out of the market, LED stadium lighting leading enterprises and brand early pattern. backpfrontp year sunshine lighting (600261.SH), NVC (02222.HK), Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ), three male \u0026 middot; Aurora LED stadium flood lighting companies and other traditional business have more than 50% over the next two years, the traditional lighting manufacturers will gradually complete the full conversion of LED lighting products. backpfrontp from other aspects of the industry chain newly added LED airport lighting players such as Sen (002745.SZ), Chau Ming Technology (300232.SZ), etc., in the lighting of the road is bolted endless. backpfrontp whole Chinese LED lighting industry, all segments have entered a phase of moderate growth. backpfrontp wide range of indoor lighting products, functional diversification, business opportunities more and bigger living space. Outdoor lighting product range and function relatively fixed, as the industry standardization reflects the majority of enterprises will be eliminated. backpfrontp more LED street lighting business wants to use the power of capital for further development, such as the three male \u0026 middot; Aurora, Op and other. From GGII statistical data, listed companies generally larger scale LED revenue, gross margin is relatively stable. Powerful listed companies (to be listed) brand and can continue to strengthen brand building, a vast living space. Unlisted corporate brand is weak and lacks funds to brand building, future living space is shrinking. backpfrontp from this year developments in LED tennis court lighting market point of view, the next three years to its own brand export enterprises with overseas sales channels better future can get faster development to OEM-oriented enterprises rely on economies of scale, automated production line can be better development. And with the domestic-oriented enterprises rely on product differentiation advantages can survive in the cracks. backpfrontp next three years, the brand has the scale, product positioning clear, robust aftermarket companies will be rapid development. GGII representation. backpfrontp year after year, will be accompanied in Engineering LED industry through several fall and winter, the industry witnessed the ups and downs, has won industry recognition for Engineering LED stadium floodlights platform. Engineering LED backpfrontp year continued last year to raise the public mode, all the chips are divided into two positions: 1888 yuan and 1088 yuan. Can be caught throughout the two days enjoying the thought gluttonous feast Engineering LED annual meeting, known as the industry to participate in the Oscar Golden Globe Awards. Different backpfrontp 2015 annual meeting of the Department of Engineering OAK high power led flood light that the participation of the audience to raise public decision also holds the right to vote the Golden Globes last attribution. Guests raise public person one vote for their favorite company products cast a vote on the valuable, Engineering LED annual meeting of the organizing committee, he said the audience voting and judges score each holds 50% of the components. backpfrontp from the chip to the package, from packaging to lighting, from materials to equipment, Engineering 1000W LED flood lights annual conference covers the entire supply chain of the industry, to participate in the annual heavy head guests include, but are not limited to, Epistar, Tongfang Optical, HC SemiTek , Hongli Opto-electronic, country star power, Liang Rui (Lumileds), crystal Taiwan shares, Crystal Electronics, Teng Sheng Industry, Institute of Rare Earth, Linsen, the sun lighting, three male \u0026 middot; Aurora, Guangyu lighting, constant faction prestige, mao Master power supply, Igor, Ming microelectronics business leaders. backpfrontp fierce ideological collisions, deep industry interpretation, unique development forecast, that will make you a worthwhile trip. backpfrontp attached: the guest list of the second batch will backpbackp