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Chau Ming Technology Spent 30 Million Yuan To Establish A Subsidiary To Foreign Investment Platform

Nov 02, 2016

 LED stadium light zhuangao Chau Ming Technology Sept. 8 announcement, the company intends to set up its own funds through Qianhai Shenzhen Chau Ming Investment Management Limited (prepared in the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation zone Shenzhen,high power led flood light the final registered in the name of business administration department approved prevail; hereinafter referred to as the former sea Chau Ming), the registered capital of 30 million. After the setup is complete, before the sea Chau Ming will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, will become an important platform for the company's external investment management. 1000W led flood light service company's strategic development plan help companies develop strong backpfrontp Chau Ming science and technology, said the purpose of the establishment of industrial investment company is to serve the company's strategic development plan,led bay light to promote the success of the company's strategic development and transformation, while strengthening the company's future foreign investment work for unified management and planning, making it the company's foreign investment management platform. At the same time, through the operation and effective resource integration platform to help companies discover and cultivate new growth point of the company's growth and profitability in the global LED tunnel light industry chain and other emerging high-tech industries and growing range of industries, the company's business ecosystem strategy and subsequent development into a strong supporting force. Industrial investment subsidiaries set up to improve the ability to resist risks one can play the funds through resource integration advantages of scale,LED arena light reduce investment costs; the second is through a professional investment operation, carried out in this industry chain and other emerging high-tech industries and growing range of industries diversification within reduce investment risk; Third, it helps unite professional team, standardized decision-making process, gym lights adhere to rational investment, better decision-making to prevent risks.