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BDO Runda The First Three Quarters Of Net Profit After Deduction Of Non Ultra $ 90 Million Loss

Jun 12, 2017

  LED stadium lights zhuangao frontp October 2 evening, BDO Runda (002005) released its third-quarter report. The report shows that the third quarter the company achieved operating income of 1.297 billion yuan, an increase of 7.70% over the previous year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 46.363 million yuan, an increase of 23.16% over the previous year. January 2015 \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; to achieve operating income of 3.351 billion yuan in September, LED stadium lighting an increase of 6.74% over the previous year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 61.2501 million yuan, 13.06% decrease over the previous year. backpfrontp The most noteworthy is that the first three quarters of BDO Runda after deduction of non net loss amounted to 90.0817 million yuan. The main reason appears backpfrontp small changes in performance of the company's appliance business operations increased compared to last year,high power led flood light performance was better than expected. backpfrontp It is understood by the company August 3, 2010, held the 2010 Second Extraordinary General Meeting, we agreed to a wholly owned subsidiary of Wuhu BDO Runda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Veeco and the United States, Germany AIXTRON AG company signed 70 sets, 30 sets of MOCVD equipment procurement contract, the total contract amount is not more than 261 million US dollars,1000W LED flood light at the end of 2011 before the batch delivery; agree wholly owned subsidiary of BDO Runda Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Yangzhou US Veeco company signed 30 sets of MOCVD equipment procurement contract, the total contract amount is not more than 076.5 million US dollars, in batches before the end of March 2011 delivery. backpfrontp cutoff date of this report, Wuhu BDO Runda,led tunnel lights BDO Runda Yangzhou MOCVD equipment has arrived totaling 92 units, of which: 69 stations have been completed commissioning mass production, seven sets of equipment used in research and development; the rest is in the installation of equipment debugging process. backpfrontp report shows the company due to planning a major asset and equity acquisition, LED arena lights the company's stock since the suspension began August 26, 2015. As of the date of the announcement, the matter outside the company purchased the assets of a company still planned schedule for business negotiations, in addition to a confidentiality agreement, LED tennis court lights the company and the assets of the seller has not yet signed any written agreement on matters relating to the sale of assets, the two sides finally reached an agreement can still uncertainty. LED high bay lights Given the substantial acquisition are still uncertainties, the company stock is still in the suspended state. backp