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Capital News | Riyadh Subsidiary Won The Bid 277 Million Yuan Lighting Engineering

Apr 12, 2017

 Liard subsidiary Jinda lighting bid 277 million yuan backpfrontp October 28, Riyadh announced that the wholly owned subsidiary of Wuhan City Jinda lighting bid two rivers and four banks landscape stadium lights to enhance the project a construction project, the price of RMB 27,724.81643 million, bid duration: 120 calendar days. backpfrontp Liard said the project is in the price of the company's 2014 annual audit revenues by 23.49 percent, accounting for Jinda lighting audited 2014 revenues 143.64% 19,301.34 million, bid the project and the company's 2015 annual 2016 annual business performance will have a positive impact. backpfrontp the same time,LED stadium lighting this project is to create a unique Wuhan Yangtze River in Wuhan light show featuring major lighting projects, is a well-known city lighting project that is the largest amount of gold the history of lighting lighting project will enhance the Jinda Lighting ability to undertake projects to improve Jinda lighting brand influence, will Jinda high power led flood lights acquire other major cities in the country to lay a good foundation lighting projects. backpfrontp three optical intends to 180 million yuan capital increase subsidiary, Wuhu Anrui backpfrontp October 28, three optical (600 703) announced that the Board of Directors by the company to determine its own monetary fund to 180 million yuan of Wuhu Anrui capital increase, After the capital increase Wuhu Anrui registered capital of 260 million yuan. backpfrontp announcement shows, a subsidiary of Wuhu Anrui mainly engaged in operating LED packaging, 1000W LED flood light applications, automotive lighting, mirrors, locks, cleaning, other applications of various related parts such as product design, production, sales and related services , automotive electronics, metal parts, injection molded parts, rubber parts, packaging, mold design, production, marketing, technical advisory services, import and export business and agency to the class of goods and technology, but the state limit and prohibit management of goods and technology except. backpfrontp three safety optoelectronics, said Wuhu Anrui wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, the capital increase was carried out in accordance with its business development status and future development planning rational layout is conducive to the rapid development of Wuhu Anrui business, and expand market share, enhance the company Operating results. backpfrontp LED tunnel lights display control system enterprise Shanghai ONBON listed three new board backpfrontp Recently, Shanghai Yang Bang Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the new board. So far, Shanghai has become ONBON Following Qi Puguang power LED display industry, Yuanheng photoelectric, Eastar (was acquired after the termination of the joint construction of photovoltaic listing) in the fourth three new board listed companies, but also the LED display control system field first landing of the capital market business. backpfrontp In recent years, Shanghai Yang Bang steady and rapid development, the company single-color products has always occupied the high-end market share of the domestic half of 2015 second half ONBON full-color controller is also gradually recognized by the market, showing a rapid advance of the state. backpfrontp It is understood that ONBON technology in the future will not be limited to the field of LED arena lights display control system, voted to build their autonomy in Kunshan industrial base, is for a solid foundation for future large-scale production and to enter the LED lighting industry to build. backpfrontp million people lighting listed three new board backpfrontp October 28, million people lighting (833893.OC) in three new board listing. Institute of Statistics show that in the business industry, the billion people lighting professional manufacturing LED high bay lights, energy-saving lamps and other products, the product has received CE certification, ROHS certification, ISO9001 quality system certification. backpfrontp It is understood that the billion people lighting has standardized plant 8,000 square meters, energy-saving lamp production lines, monthly production capacity of 1.2 million. 4 LED production line can produce 2 million, the main products for the world's leading high-lumen filament LED tennis court lights. backpfrontp Meanwhile, in Hefei, Anhui incorporated a wholly-owned holding thousand billion Lighting Limited, lighting products and all related import and export business. \u0026 Quot; photoelectric significant asset restructuring suspension of progress on the ground backpfrontp backpfrontp October 28, Kingsun (002638) announced that the company's stock on August 31, 2015 opening date for suspension. backpfrontp the date of this announcement, the company and related parties are actively promoting the work of this major asset reorganization involved. According to relevant regulations, the company's stock will continue to be suspended, and the matter of progress required to disclose every five days. After the related work is completed, the company will convene the Board to consider the relevant motion, timely announcement and resume trading. backpfrontp Wright subsidiary completed change of business registration backpfrontp October 28, snow Wright (002 076) announced that the company has learned from its subsidiaries photoelectric Fushun, Fushun photoelectric approved by the Zhangzhou City Administration, has completed the change of business scope of registration and received a renewal of business license. backpfrontp According to the announcement shows that the main business scope of the Fushun photovoltaic power business license changed to LED display, LED street lighting products, road lights, solar lights, high pressure sodium, metal halide lamp, energy saving lamps and so on. backp