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Capital News | Of Shares Of The Company Beneficially Impact The New Board Mason Technologies' Income Does Not Increase Profits '

May 09, 2017

  LED stadium lights Huang Yaping] real benefits of joint stock companies that the technology electric shock three new board backpfrontp October 29, Sea Star (002 137) announced that the company's shares of the company recently received electricity Ming Technology National SME share transfer system to a limited liability company issued a 'notice of acceptance', electricity Ming Technology submitted in the country listed on the SME share transfer system application materials have been accepted. backpfrontp According to announcements, electric Ming Technology registered capital of 30 million, the beneficial holders of 10% of the total share capital of electricity Ming Technology. backpfrontp It is understood that the technology for more than ten years of power LED products development, production and sales history. Domestic high power LED flood light industry is currently one of the largest integrated hi-tech enterprises. The company specializes in highway display, business application displays, lighting and lighting engineering development, and manufacturing LED related products sales and system integration. backpfrontp China Holdings Acquisition photoelectric LED business agreement fail backpfrontp October 29, China photoelectric Holdings (01332.HK) announced that the proposal for a consideration of 496 million yuan to acquire the entire equity LED business --- Agreement of High Gear Holdings Limited has expired because it is a prerequisite for the Association it will not be expected to reach the final before the deadline. backpfrontp It is reported that, High Gear Holdings Limited is mainly engaged in 1000W LED flood light epitaxial wafers and chips display, backlight chips, research and development of high-brightness and high-power lighting chip semiconductor lighting product development, production and distribution in China. backpfrontp company will continue to identify and explore projects and investments in green businesses with growth potential (including but not limited to LED stadium lighting business) for acquisitions. backpfrontp Mason Technologies in the first three quarters of net profit decrease 2.85% backpfrontp October 30, Mason Technologies (002,654) issued three quarterly. The report shows that the company's third quarter total revenues of 216 million yuan, an increase of 69.59% over the previous year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 12.4077 million yuan, an increase of 38.66% over the previous year. 2015 1 \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; in September, achieved operating income of 554 million yuan, an increase of 38.69% over the previous year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 33.1424 million yuan,led high bay light 2.85% decrease over the previous year. backpfrontp reporting period, mainly due to Mason Technologies appear on the daily changes in performance is included in the consolidated financial statements due to the photoelectric. backpfrontp Meanwhile, Mason Technologies recurrence announcement that the company due to planning major events, the company shares from July 3, 2015 opening date for suspension. LED tennis court lights Up to now, the company has completed the demonstration program of this major asset restructuring projects, due diligence, pre-audit and pre-assessment work, the company is stepping up efforts to organize independent financial advisers, legal advisers, accounting firms and asset appraisal institution of this restructuring plans for final proof and improve the application materials. backpfrontp To achieve this restructuring declare information disclosed is true, accurate and complete to ensure the smooth progress of the reorganization, the company shares remain suspended since October 30, 2015 opening date. LED tunnel lights BDO Runda major issues suspend progress backpfrontp October 30, BDO Runda (002005) announcement that the company due to planning a major asset and equity acquisition, the company stock since August 26, 2015 opening date for suspension. gym lights Up to now, the matter outside the company purchased the assets of a company still planned schedule for business negotiations, in addition to a confidentiality agreement, the company and the assets of the seller has not yet signed any written agreement on matters relating to the sale of assets, the two sides can reach an agreement, there are still not final uncertainty. backpfrontp view of the above substantial acquisition are still uncertainties, the company shares remain suspended since October 30, 2015 opening date. backp