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Capital News | Hua Puyong Ming 10 Million Yuan Set Up A Subsidiary Qinghai China Ting Income 2,000,000 Yuan Subsidy Payments

Apr 20, 2017

 Hua Puyong is intended that 10 million yuan to set up wholly-owned subsidiary LED stdium lights October 28, Hua Puyong Ming (833,888) announcement that the company intends to set up wholly-owned a subsidiary of Hangzhou Blue Ting-hui Photoelectric Co., Ltd., registered in Lin'an Qingshan Lake Street decency village, the registered capital of 10 million yuan. LED stdium lighting Hua Puyong Ming said that this foreign investment by the company on March 15, 2015 Board of Directors meeting held on second secondary consideration and approval. The foreign investment without having submitted to shareholders for consideration. backpfrontp According to the announcement shows that the business scope subsidiaries: backpfrontp production: high power LED flood light , modules, components, chips; backpfrontp wholesale, retail: LED lamps, modules, components, chips; backpfrontp service: 1000W LED flood light , modules, devices, chip technology development, to undertake LED lighting engineering, LED technology consulting; lighting spare parts processing, metal powder coating process;  Ming said that this foreign investment in order to meet market demand, to achieve the company continued to promote and implement product leadership strategy, improve the competitive advantage of the company's products. backpfrontp dry according to optical suspend progress backpfrontp October 29, dry according to optical (300102) announcement that the company due to non-public offering of stock items, the company's stock has been since October 16, 2015 opening from the suspension, LED high bay lights and in 2015 10 January 22 issued a 'suspension announcement progress.' backpfrontp The company is actively promoting the work of non-public offering of stock. According to regulations, the company shares remain suspended, is expected to November 7, 2015 disclosure media apply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange after the company's stock 'non-public offering of stock issuance report' to resume trading on the specified information. backpfrontp joint construction progress of major asset restructuring suspension photoelectric backpfrontp October 29,LED tennis court lights the joint construction of photovoltaic (300,269) announcement that due to planning major events, the company shares from June 30, 2015 opening date for suspension. backpfrontp Since the stock suspension, the joint construction of photovoltaic and related parties to actively promote the work of this restructuring. After a detailed program of communication and cooperation with a number of target companies, combined basis after the initial due diligence on the target company eventually four companies included in the restructuring matters. backpfrontp Currently, LED tunnel lights the company did not apply for extension or extension resumption resumption application without consent, the company's shares will resume trading on December 30, 2015, and since the company's stock within six months from the date of resumption of trading is no longer planning a major asset reorganization . backp