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Capital Frequently Staged LED Enterprises Wishing To Operate Through The Acquisition Of Complementary Advantages

Jun 21, 2017

 Beginning of the year, many of LED stadium lights display industry who can clearly see that the current LED display industry is undergoing profound changes quietly, extensive competition in the first stage to the second stage of gradual capital, technology, competition, mainly performance in the industry concentration is increasing, low level enterprise gradually withdraw from the market, large enterprises gradually began to dominate the market trend. backpfrontp in this trend, a contrast phenomenon has appeared in front of us: LED stadium lighting display industry are in a pre-carnival in the capital, unable to extricate themselves in large enterprises enjoy a feast of capital acquisitions, the SMEs in the lingering foot door. M \u0026 A feast in, LED display industry thriving scene is really something you backpfrontp LED through mergers and acquisitions wave phenomenon this year concerns the outside world tends to produce an illusion:? That is the current LED tunnel lights industry situation is excellent, thriving, prosperous development, Carnival raised capital, the major led display excellent business development opportunities to catch up, and even reflects the dynamism of the domestic economy vibrant industry. In fact, the slow recovery in the global economy, the domestic macroeconomic climate colder, the domestic economic downturn, the larger environment of investment and weak consumer demand, LED arena lights display industry affected, the same face of weak market demand, production capacity the problem of surplus, compared to the past, the overall market is relatively deserted lot, LED display industry manufacturers and distributors face enormous difficulties and pressures. backpfrontp addition, since the LED industry in China as a major strategic emerging industries much good, too many enterprises to participate in the competition, so that the LED display industry confusion and intense competition, market profits are diluted, gradually moving towards marginal profit. backpfrontp from the current industry phenomenon, the economic downturn, but increasingly crazy carnival capital, which is why? As we all know, high power LED flood lights product homogeneity and low barriers to entry, it is difficult to reach by the rapid expansion of different development purposes Therefore, in order to acquisitions based epitaxial growth will become the development trend of this type of industry, with capital, technology and resources of the enterprise through the powerful combination to complement each other. backpfrontp not be set to No, the Enterprise through capital acquisitions, often high hopes for the results of acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions but does not mean that 1 + 1 \u0026 gt; 2. 2015 led tennis court lights display industry capital acquisition prevailed, so that more people in the industry also saw some enterprises to gradually grow up, but really as corporate mergers and acquisitions as expected or are in a perfect state of puffiness, still need time to test. backpfrontp We do not go to deny mergers and acquisitions, but we may beware behind mergers and acquisitions such as balloon-like external expansion, and gradually expand the representation if without physical support, a needle break, then after frenzied merger will usher in a more tragic defeat. backpfrontp Here take a look back at 2015 LED high bay lights display industry capital M \u0026 A cases \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; backpfrontp Liard 890 million proposed acquisition of Jin Xiang Li Feng culture layout culture media backpfrontp January 4 evening release restructuring plan, intended to Riyadh shares and the issuance of cash acquisition of Guangzhou Li Feng Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Culture Cai Yi Jin Xiang Technology Co., Ltd., each 100% of the shares, the total transaction value of about 890 million yuan, and raise matching funds. backpfrontp Announcements, Li Feng culture focused culture and technology industry, is committed to providing conceptual planning for the digital cultural experiences and emerging cultural industries and cultural tourism and other new formats, creative design, cultural and performing arts equipment, system integration and integrated solutions and services, and has long engaged in high culture the development, production and sales of the entertainment device. And Glux is to provide creative visual effects for the cultural arts, integrated service providers design, visual effects and technical equipment, the main business is to theatrical performances, TV variety show, exhibition and other types of activities based on LED technology arena stage visual the effect of engineering and technical services. backpfrontp Liard said the deal will help enhance the company's marketing capabilities and comprehensive competitiveness, improve the anti-risk capability and sustainable management ability, help to enrich the company's business structure, extend the industrial chain, while allowing companies to layout advance market prospects in the field of culture and media, in line with the established strategic development of the company and shareholders. Tektronix acquisition Westminster Abby backpfrontp into creative display backpfrontp 2015-01-09 Abby intends to own funds to purchase part of the shares of Shenzhen Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Weiss Tektronix. Company RMB24 million price of the acquisition of 60% of the shares of Tektronix Wisconsin. After the acquisition, the company will hold 60% stake in Wisconsin Tektronix,LED gym lights Tektronix Westminster bell and then Parker holds a 40% stake, Wisconsin Tektronix become a subsidiary of the company. backpfrontp Weiss mainly engaged in the development stage rental Tektronix and creative LED display, production, sales and service, the company's products to light, thin, transparent, quick disassembly of the biggest features, product design originality and strong in the industry leadership, Wisconsin Tektronix products have been successfully used in China Central Television, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo US Pavilion and the Russian Museum and other major projects. Weiss Tektronix products exported to mainly exported to dozens of countries and regions. backpfrontp Absen said that after the acquisition of Tektronix, Wisconsin, to quickly improve the arena lease and creative display product lines and solutions areas and to complement the role of the company's existing products, the combination is conducive to promoting the company's existing product sales and better meet customer needs. backp