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BYD 'Shaoguan LED Street Reconstruction Project' Engineering Contested 2015 Golden Globes

Oct 18, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] Recently, the 2015 Golden Globe Engineering registration activity is in full swing, BYD staff told how clever Golden Globe Engineering Organizing Committee, The company in March this year, has just completed outdoor road works \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Shaoguan City to install LED street lighting reconstruction project will compete for Best Project Award. backpbackpfrontp how clever introduced, in order to ensure the quality of the project, the company has established an effective quality assurance system. Clearly the quality of the functions of the main post, the implementation of the project manager responsibility system, technical staff accountability, and the establishment of quality management organization system and quality assurance measures. backpfrontp in quality assurance is mainly done the following work: backpfrontp 1, designed to ensure the quality of the stadium light. Adopt international brand light source and power supply, reduce the failure rate.quality assurance products. Audit from suppliers - sample verification - Incoming inspection - process control - product testing - product testing - shipment inspection and other aspects of strict control. backpfrontp 3, the quality of the construction phase to ensure that: backpfrontp from pre-construction site surveys \u0026 mdash; construction assessment \u0026 mdash; construction preparation \u0026 mdash; check on the construction facilities \u0026 mdash; safety construction \u0026 mdash; After construction site inspection \u0026 mdash; after construction and maintenance, all links are strictly observed. ' People's Republic of China Construction Law ',' Construction Quality Management Regulations ',' Building Electric Installation Engineering Quality Inspection and Evaluation Standards 'and other laws, regulations and standards.  sale and quality assurance. Upon acceptance, product problems, the response within 48 hours.How clever he said BYD high power led flood light undertake Shaoguan street reconstruction project, road lighting using the cree chip, and modular design, the entire lighting efficiency over 100lm / W, to ensure at the same illuminance, so lower the lamp power . backpfrontp In addition, the project uses the EMC model, customers and achieve win-win business, after the transformation of Shaoguan city not only greatly enhance the lighting effect, so the night of Shaoguan Ambilight, so that resources are more savings. Shaoguan project totaling 10,554 for 1000W led flood lights, the overall saving rate of about 66 percent, for a total annual electricity savings of more than 2.8 million yuan, Shaoguan City, energy conservation, building green city contributed.