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BYD LED Lamps Compete For Three Golden Globes 2015 Engineering

Oct 06, 2016

 frontp [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin Recently, BYD lighting-related staff told how clever Golden Globe Engineering Organizing Committee,stadium light will bring LED tubes, LED bay light, LED panel lamp three categories of lighting products to compete for 2015 Product of the Year Award. backpfrontp layout BYD BYD lighting as an important group in the new energy sector, has been the Group's branding philosophy as a guide, from a technical, quality, stringent requirements in three areas of self-responsibility,led stadium light and always adhere to pragmatic innovation, customer-oriented quality management concept, the full implementation of The company integrated management system. backpfrontp how clever presentation, BYD lighting has a strong R \u0026 D team, in improving product design and performance have invested a lot of energy, constantly strive to innovation, aims to bring customers more cost-effective products. backpfrontp how clever, said the election of a straight tube LED light TB-T8CS180 H2,high power led flood light using high-quality, high transmittance PC diffusers, as well as high-precision constant current drive power, 18W of LED lamp color temperature of 4000K, the entire lighting efficiency reached 130lm / W, CRI 85, wide input voltage, can meet the requirements of different regions. backpfrontp addition, candidates LED mining lamp LH-40FC051 power of 130W, color temperature of 4200K, the entire lighting efficiency 110lm / W, CRI 80, what clever introduction,RGB LED flood light the product is operated automatically converts basic lighting and industrial lighting features, and with the conversion delay function. This lamp built control module, the parameters set, the lighting can achieve automatic operation, eliminating the subsequent excessive human intervention (on, off, dimming, etc.). backpfrontp finally a product for the LED panel light CL-60Q1, power is 40W, color temperature of 4000K, the entire lighting efficiency of 120lm / W, color rendering index of 86, showing how clever, led tuunel light the product uses light efficiency of up to 150lm / W and by LM80 lamp beads, driven constant current driver, wide voltage input, and supports 0-10V dimming products have passed UL, FCC, LM79, DLC certification. backpfrontp It is understood that BYD lighting of each product from raw material selection in four aspects, product design, product manufacturing process as well as product testing started, to build four finishing systems with BYD lighting characteristics, in order to ensure stable and durable,led bay light like a light. Are the above three products can achieve good results in Engineering Golden Globe Award, worth the wait.