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By Foot Tide LED Lighting Manufacturers, 'tears' A Message---led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 24, 2016

frontp crazy pass before: Town Qi wins Logistics Paolu. . . . For a time maxed led street Lighting micro letter circle of friends. Yes, the town has a major event, but also a logistics Paolu. notice a pause, so that people ridiculous: read this notice in the LED stadium light manufacturers, do not know what it is; in fact, this is just a pretext notice.while notices have disappeared yesterday afternoon. The freight station has been left vacant. site is still part of the goods are not transported, high power led flood light security personnel into the phone, contact the manufacturer of the box put the shipper to claim. Some arrived at the scene complained backpfrontp lighting boss, said opening being just a single run hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of! be escaped payment of the manufacturers,1000W led flood light payment may only similarity with the past, the money could not recover. Past few years, have been on foot cargo unit are: Ansett, Choi Yun, XingHong, Yasheng, GF, Shun Hing, Wing Fat, Huawei has more to people ....... busy to remember the accident caused the closure of a number of manufacturers faced, even causing some can not accept the reality of LED tunnel light boss, suicide ...... backpfrontp people wonder is why every foot cargo terminal legal representative, no one is ? Why can it have escaped justice tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, billions of absconding,How can innocent sentence: If you rob the street one yuan whether it will be sentenced Why? ? Town lighting industry will help foot the freight section of government officials to give manufacturers the answer: Why did you not choose the manufacturer after first remittance delivery Why not choose a trusted logistics company shipped actually cause this trend is not an overnight thing, aspects of government supervision, led bay light there is no formal specification of the logistics industry;tennis court lights on the other hand, collection and payment way slowly reached between manufacturers and customers, has become an open secret.Recommended that manufacturers voluntarily wake up and work together to carry out cash transactions,gym lights refuse collection and payment, refused to receive checks, and do not give the opportunity to escape again escaped logistics. backp