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Buzz 'merger Wave' LED Industry Continue High Growth---led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 23, 2016

frontp continuation in 2014 of the integration of heat, in 2015 LED street lighting industry consolidation mergers and acquisitions continue to simmer, set off a new round of mergers and acquisitions wave. Up to now, LED industry has been more than 25 cases of merger cases, the size of nearly 30 billion yuan. Insiders said that with the exit of a number of small and medium enterprises, 2015 LED stadium light industry concentration will be further enhanced, with technical advantages and economies of scale leading enterprises will stand out in the competition in the industry. Meanwhile, for small and medium enterprises, development of differentiation may be able to get more living space. backpfrontp start another wave of mergers and acquisitions in the first half of this year, stadium lights industry mergers and acquisitions boom occurs, not only horizontal integration, longitudinally extending, there \u0026 lsquo; transboundary \u0026 rsquo; acquisitions, M \u0026 A wave surging. LED industry reshuffle acceleration, a large number of small and medium enterprises out of the market, while some large enterprises have technical advantages and economies of scale in the industry, competition, industry concentration further improved. Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow in China, told reporters. As backpfrontp years, LED industry has undergone more than a dozen cases of mergers and acquisitions, the growing concentration of industry resources, LED tunnel lights industry is accelerating the speed of survival of the fittest. For example, in June, Chau Ming Technology (300,232) Acquisition of 40% stake in Radiant, Radiant achieve 100% holding; Union Optical acquisition and replenishment of Zhejiang Fang Control Technology Co. (600363) 100 million yuan, will hold Fang Dazhi controlling 72.37% stake; Alto Electronics (002587) intends to 250 million yuan to acquire 100% stake in total thousands of Hui, upgrade LED lighting business scale. After July, Riyadh (300,296 following the acquisition of 162 million yuan Ming-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 81% stake in Beijing, on 27 million yuan capital goods can Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. holding 55% stake in Shanghai. It is worth mentioning that, as early as In early January, Riyadh announced that intends to 890 million yuan, the acquisition of 100% stake in Li Feng culture and Jin Xiang 100% of the shares, the acquisition will be LED bay lights by culture and media field force .backpfrontp worth noting that 2014 Nianxia six months to the first half of 2015, very intensive horizontal merger, which means the industry has been transformed from an incremental competition to the stock of competition in horizontal merger cases, the listed companies to force some of the advantages of having acquired businesses in segments, especially LED arena lights display screen areas, such as the acquisition of Jin Xiang Liard, Chau Ming Technology Acquisition Lan Pu Technology, the joint construction of photovoltaic (300,269) Acquisition of Eastar, etc., the acquired business has a larger share in the market segments .backpfrontp In this regard, the industry believes, LED listed companies to acquire the same type of business purpose is to reduce competition, strengthen market share or the original market segments, mining .backpfrontp Epistar Zhou Ming Jun, general manager of a larger market space has said that now, the LED gym lights industry chain enterprises integration and shuffle between acceleration, domestic LED manufacturers upstream and downstream industry has begun to integrate acquisitions .LED only continue to merger integration, in order to continue to go .backpfrontp future LED industry continue high growth in industrial capital backpfrontp continuous injection of LED market, mergers and acquisitions and industrial upgrade will further improve the industry concentration, technology and economies of scale leading enterprises will gradually prominent in the integration, LED stadium floodlights pattern is quietly undergoing tremendous changes .backpfrontp Recently, Abby (300,389) made it clear at the time of the research institution said, LED display industry in recent years, especially in the past two years, industry merger integration is accelerating, all listed companies have a certain degree of mergers and acquisitions, the future of the industry will become more concentrated among a few large companies to compete, Small business survival difficult, differences in development or market segments might be able to get more living space .backpfrontp He told reporters in China: Future LED industry will continue to mature, the industry faces depth adjustment, inter-enterprise integration, accelerate the reshuffle, the domestic LED tennis court lights Downstream manufacturers began to fully integrate acquisitions .backpfrontp However, in China, He opinion, the biggest problem of China's LED industry, there are: a larger number of LED enterprises, the lack of market competition order; product homogeneity, lack of innovation .backpfrontp this, Elijah German chairman and general manager Li Jun in the 20th anniversary celebration and Liard new strategy conference held on September 10, said the company's future to adhere to innovation-driven development strategy and business model innovation sights and Liard idea Two aspects of innovation. Liard not only do LED industry, a leading market, and even more important to promote the healthy and continuous technological innovation development of the LED industry. We hope by \u0026 lsquo; the main business investment + M + PPP mode \u0026 rsquo; three major strategies to promote the rapid development of innovative growth of Riyadh. backpfrontp in China, He suggested that the face of this trend, enterprises is to strengthen innovation capacity, develop core competitiveness of products; second is to focus on market segments, improve product quality; third is to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs. backp