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Busy Expansion! Busy M! Let Subsidiary Busy! See What LED Three New Board Listed Company In Favor?

Mar 15, 2017

  This is the autumn harvest season, this year's LED lighting listed company also delivered fruition. Some companies get three quarters of 2015, the impressive performance, some companies are busy LED overweight expansion of new business, there are some busy throwing money at play in mergers and acquisitions. 2015 new three-panel market is exceptionally busy, once traffic congestion phenomenon, LED stadium lighting companies flocked to vie for a listing at the end. backpfrontp It is understood that the LED industry chain enterprises listed three new board has more than 50, in the trial of the numbers are over 10. So, companies have been listed three new board and are Mangsha it? LED stadium lighs small series quietly tell you. Ai Ke lighting backpfrontp 24.44 million yuan private placement approved backpfrontp 2015 October Ai Ke Lighting announcement that the company private placement program approved by the Board, the program showed that the issuance of 12,220,000 shares directed quantity, issue price of 2.00 yuan, scale fund-raising 24.44 million yuan, this additional issuance corresponding to earnings ratio of 25.8. backpfrontp according to the disclosure of information, Ai Ke lighting committed to the development, production and sale of high power LED flood light indoor home lighting and commercial lighting products, according to the customer's individual requirements and specific product specifications, design, customization and production in line with customer requirements. The company has a number of utility model patents by 20 years of continuous accumulation. backpfrontp Ai Ke Lighting Industry for the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, the total share capital of 1,070.00 million shares, earnings per share of 0.08 yuan. backpfrontp Kyushu photoelectric three new board and fund-raising 2.49 million yuan coded LED business backpfrontp 2015 October Kyushu photoelectric three new board officially directed to issue 124.5 million shares, RMB 2 yuan per share, raising funds 2.49 million yuan, subscribed by the core staff. backpfrontp According to announcements, Jiuzhou Optoelectronics shares issued this time issued a total of 23 objects. Wherein, in the register of shareholders to subscribe for 160,000 yuan; the remaining 22 core employees to subscribe 2.33 million yuan. backpfrontp It is understood that the main products for LED tennis court lights Kyushu optoelectronic semiconductor package device and semiconductor lighting products, including LEDLAMP, SMD series, dot matrix, digital, LED display module series and high-power LED lights, urban landscape lighting products, T-5 , T-8LED fluorescent, MR16LED spotlights, PA30 downlights and other indoor and outdoor lighting products. backpfrontp Harmony Technology 109 million yuan Holdings Qingdao Jensen backpfrontp 2015 October Harmony Technology intends to use non-public offering of shares and cash paid to acquire the Qingdao-Health Electric Co., Ltd. 85.61% stake. Through the acquisition, Harmony technology will further improve in the field of deep ultraviolet strategic layout, and then expand the health territory. backpfrontp According to statistics, the acquisition of the subject involved Qingdao Jensen DUV LED gym lights field of study has reached more than ten years old, with domestic unique GaN-MOVCD (DUV growth equipment) manufacturing technology and DUV epitaxial silicon production technology, Its products are various technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. backpfrontp Through this acquisition, Harmony technology will become DUV healthy chips capital market in the first unit. backpfrontp Ming Hua Puyong listed three new board approved backpfrontp 2015 October Ming Hua Puyong received notification National SME share transfer system, agreed the company's stock in the country listed on the SME share transfer system. This marks the complete listing after handling procedures,  Ming will become a successful landing and three new board LED tennis court lighting business. backpfrontp earnings data show, Ming 2015 January-March operating income of 57,552,300 yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to 4.2609 million yuan. backpfrontp focus on LED outdoor lighting, outdoor lighting products provide a wide range of semiconductor and integrated solutions to meet the lighting needs of users in different light environments. backpfrontp Maple present independent research and production of LED outdoor lighting products including street lights, tunnel lights, miner's lamp, spot lights, and other series and modules for LED outdoor lighting products. backpfrontp rectangular lighting subsidiary Kang Ming Sheng listed three new board entertained backpfrontp 2015 October rectangular illumination announcement that its subsidiaries received notice Kang Ming Sheng, Kang Ming Sheng has received national SME share transfer system issued a 'notice of acceptance' SMEs apply their relevant share transfer system in the country has been listed on the admissibility. backpfrontp announcement shows that the Kang Ming Sheng in the national SME transfer system listed, will help to further improve the Kang Ming Sheng corporate governance structure, and promote normal development; establish an incentive mechanism to attract and retain talented people; help establish a corporate brand, promote market development; further enhance the core competitiveness, improve the management level, facilitate the implementation of Kang Ming Shing overall business strategy. And the admissibility of matters backpfrontp also marked by Kang Ming Sheng SMEs in the country to apply for listing of share transfer system has entered the approval phase. backpfrontp Nanjing, LED stadium lights a good route through a new three-panel backpfrontp 2015 October three new board listed company create a good report released a major asset restructuring, the company intends to 84.1573 million yuan price to buy a good Nanjing, a 100% stake. backpfrontp It is understood that Nanjing to create a good lighting and related products sales agent for the main business, the main agent NVC, BDO Runda, Schneider Electric, and other products, which mainly involves NVC commercial lighting, home lighting, office lighting , outdoor lighting, light electrical appliances such as lighting category. backpfrontp according to plan, the company intends to price of 1.41 yuan counterparty / share issue 5,968.6 million shares a good buy Nanjing, a 100% stake. backpfrontp create a good representation, the transaction constitutes a major asset restructuring, constitutes a related party transaction, after the transaction is completed, the company's actual controller of Wang Xiaobo still holding 6388.23 million shares, its stake to 53.87%, control of the company did not occur Variety. backpfrontp Changxing publicly listed stock Cody photoelectric transfer backpfrontp Changxing Cody photovoltaic (833606.OC), announced that the company is approved by agreement transfer shares in the national transfer systems (three new board) publicly listed for sale. backpfrontp Announcements, Cody photoelectric sponsored broker of financial securities, ZTE fiscal Guanghua accounting firm responsible for financial audit, Ru Yi LLP served as special counsel. backpfrontp It is understood that Cody photoelectric established in 2006, main business is engaged in the development, production and sales of LED lighting products. backpfrontp 2014 Cody photoelectric operating income of 20.9444 million yuan, down 8.46%, net profit of 865,500 yuan, an increase of 24.69%. backp