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Bulk Patch Confidential Leather Taping Machine's Life?

Jun 16, 2017

  When the opportunity for free on three new board in front of you, LED stadium lights you will not hesitate to accept Xinxin Ran? If this opportunity is for you two years ago, , your mind now whether there will be changes compared with? backpfrontp Hyun-seok Optoelectronics in 2013 will be very playfully refused such an opportunity, but choose to do their own company's overall listing plan. LED stadium lighting spectral taping machine started Hyun-seok photoelectric, long been satisfied to do in the field of spectroscopic taping the largest market share, but constantly develop new products, open up new markets. backp Hyun-seok photoelectric chairman FORESTRY AND backpfrontp located in Longhua Industrial Park, Hyun-seok photoelectric spectral taping device has a whole floor area, a whole layer of automation line debugging area, and a whole layer of chip equipment area. Hyun-seok photoelectric FORESTRY AND chairman told Engineering high power LED flood light, SMT has now become the company's new profit growth point. Mounter backpfrontp in the traditional sense of precision is not too high, but requires speed. But with the end of the LED application market segments, for many functional demands of the device is slightly different. On this point, Hyun-seok photoelectric objects Mounter services clearly divided into two: for display, outdoor surface-mount single-head placement machine, and long for the lights with SMT market. 1000W led flood light on display, especially small pitch is getting hot, to ensure accuracy is more important than the pursuit of speed. FORESTRY AND said, this product can help customers save costs, now in some well-known display enterprises applied. backpfrontp and long placement machine at the speed has the absolute advantage, an hour top speed can reach 7W point, take the group caught the group stick technology,LED tunnel lights vibration plate bulk on board, without taping. One hour will be able to save 100. FORESTRY AND not without proudly represent. backpfrontp I doubt, without taping, it is not with Hyun-seok photoelectric taping machine conflict? is leather taping machine life. FORESTRY AND think, packaging equipment the current market situation is not optimistic, the homogenization of intense competition, equipment vendors to survive and develop, continue to innovate,LED arena lights to find new profit growth point is quite important. Especially in the sectors of concern stability and reliability of equipment gradually over the stage of the price of attention. backpbackpfrontp must be precipitate. Currently on the market for the most anticipated fixtures automated production lines, FORESTRY AND believes that standardization can bring economies of scale,LED gym lights the scale can be automated. Automated production lines now are most urgent is the degree of standardization of products is not enough, lighting plant again change the program so that plant a little headache. One to one back, the cost will increase the efficiency will be reduced. FORESTRY AND also quite obviously helpless, to automate production, also depends on the overall development of LED high bay lighting. backpfrontp do equipment must be on LED technology to understand, in FORESTRY AND it seems, any product must be considered cost-effective, good products only emboldened wait for the outbreak of the market. backp