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British Underground Shelter Turned 'farm' Crop By LED Stadium Floodlights

Nov 24, 2016

 According to the British 'Guardian' reported in London's City High led Street lighting station underground air-raid shelter during World War II had to provide shelter for thousands of people. After 70 years later, this huge underground led tunnel light system has rejuvenated \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; who was transformed into a subterranean farm.According to reports, the underground farm belonging to a company called 0 carbon foods. The company's main business is the production of micro greens taste rich in underground farms by hydroponic method. The underground farm planting miniature green process is relatively simple: first, the seeds of various plants on wood fiber pulp, a few days later, and then transferred onto these seeds have LED lights illuminated shelves cluster. LED bay lights farms within 18 hours of the day are bright state. At the same time, the temperature will be a powerful fan to keep the farm at 21 ℃ to 23 ℃. backpbackpfrontp this underground farm produce plant growth cycle is relatively short, in the case of the normal operation of the system, according to plant different varieties, the farm's only 6-28 days to harvest. The underground farm harvested plant after a few hours it will be sent to the London fine dining restaurants. And other farms in the traditional sense is different, led arena light this underground farm can operate year-round. And that means before the harvested plant was sent to the market, a new round of planting it has already begun.Reported that the company is expected next month to sell its production of a variety of micro greens. Currently, 0 carbon food company mainly selling include celery, mustard,LED gym light radish and other plants, including eight kinds of miniature plants. One carbon food company founder 0 Delin said: We first underground farm acreage has reached 550 square miles, a day can produce 700 boxes full load operation at the plant. In addition, the company is expected in two years to expand the underground farm acreage to 2200 square miles.Currently, tennis court lights micro greens very broad prospects. Another founder 0 carbon food company Ballard said: At present the development of micro green market is not mature, if necessary, we can change the product within 30 days of harvest can produce. Currently,high power led flood light our products are mainly supplied to the restaurant, but with its TV shows, more and more people will know and love our products, Ballard said. backp