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Britain Plessy Silicon GaN LED Lighting Technology Exhibition Launched Modular Intelligent Lighting System

Jun 26, 2017

 Plessey Semiconductors Ltd. (Plessey) in the 2015 British Lighting Fair LuxLive demonstrated using silicon-based GaN MAGIC LED stadium lights technology Modular Smart lighting systems. backpfrontp Plessy's Totem system with Manchester inventid product design company co-developed. Things Totem system is based on the areas of lighting solutions for the original concept. backpfrontp compared to conventional white LED stadium lighting components, our LED technology allows for more integrated solutions. Integrated intelligent LED design freedom of design freedom ensures that terminal applications with more powerful features, such as dimming, light color adjustment, automatic switch control and remote operation and so can be integrated into silicon-based GaN MAGIC high power LED flood light up. Neil Harper Plessy product line director. backpfrontp inventid team in the 2015 UK Lighting Fair LuxLive think of the first application is the concept of hands-free home. Totem system also includes other modules, such as the ambient light sensor, which can be the voice of the consumer complete control and real-time clock to provide the dual function of reaction addressable and intelligent 1000W LED flood lighting products and so on. Therefore, we designed the Totem system to handle the real needs of human beings and other safety, health, energy management and entertainment. backpfrontp inventid co-founder Henry James said: We believe that the success of the product is \u0026 lsquo; weather, geography and people \u0026 rsquo; of. Totem system of rigorous design and simple to maintain close ties with the traditional light bulb. Lights will change the use of space,LED tunnel lights because they illuminate each household in each room and have other products can not match the way people approaching potential. With your mobile phone hands-free talking while driving the same, you can move freely in the room and talk through the hands-free system,LED arena lights the use of light bulbs to perform this function is a genius move. backpfrontp Plessy company booth E26 technology and design experts will showcase their products in the UK, London's largest lighting exhibition LuxLive. Plessy Company will commercial lighting, industrial LED high bay lights,consumer lighting and wearable lighting showcase their latest products. backp