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Bring New Opportunities For LED Products Prices Dropped Four Trends

Jun 19, 2017

 2015 China LED stadium lights Supply Chain Conference held in Ma On Shan. The conference to promote joint, promote the theme of innovation, hundreds of people from the industry department leadership, co Society experts, corporate executives a range of industries around the hot issues had a lively discussion. backpfrontp product prices dropped by nearly 50% backpfrontp six months by the economic impact of downward pressure from the end of last year, LED product prices decline, lack of business started, there has been increasing production without increasing profits, profits fell sharply and so on. Greatly unexpected, did not expect so much worse than last year! Many LED stadium lighting industry chain leading business executives have said that more than six months time, LED product prices fell almost 50%, despite increased business output and profits It has dropped significantly, barely profitable. backpfrontp In this regard, Chinese Academy of Sciences, former president of Peking University Gan Zi-Zhao said, high power LED flood lighting is a huge market and development potential of the industry, a cutting-edge technology and closely linked to the industry, one pair of the national economy and important industry. However, in the era of knowledge economy, these industries often is a low-profit industry. backpfrontp Gan Zi-Zhao pointed out that from a global perspective, LED lighting is already a low-profit industry, in the international competition in our country, is facing a severe test. backpfrontp combined with the actual situation of China's 1000W LED flood lights industry, Gan Zi-Zhao made recommendations on several aspects of industrial development: backpfrontp First resolutely overcome low levels, regardless of the consequences of disorderly competition, and resolutely opposed to local and departmental doctrine, the whole country, concentrate on building a larger batch strong enterprises, and strive to create our brand. backpfrontp second is to strengthen the standard of work and monitoring measures to products, the quality of all the work in the first place. In this context, to strive for the domestic market. backpfrontp Lianhaoneigong Third, enterprises should pay close attention to the training of personnel professional level and work style. backpfrontp fourth is to strengthen scientific and technological research for the industry needs to promote various forms of research three-pronged. backpfrontp four trends bring new opportunities backpfrontp four aspects of China's semiconductor lighting / LED industry developed rapidly, in 2014 the output value of more than two hundred billion yuan. Gan Zi-Zhao believes that by 2020, the semiconductor lighting / LED arena lights annual output value to rise to 4-5 one hundred billion yuan. From the perspective of the development of semiconductor science and technology watch, LED lighting industry will have many new developments, in a nutshell, it can be divided into four areas: backpfrontp First LED lighting components and lighting performance and quality will be greatly improved. backpfrontp estimated that ten years later, the light efficiency to do with precious stones or silicon substrates for general lighting white LED tunnel lights die will increase to approximately 200-240 lm / W. With homogenous LED epitaxial GaN substrate may even be increased to 300 to 350 lumens / watt. backpfrontp and luminous efficiency advances corresponding fluorescent material composition, the process will be a big step forward, the light color temperature, as well as the quality of life will be a lot of progress. LED lights use optical backpfrontp also evolving into a door, called non-imaging optics disciplines, combined with physical optics, physiological optics and psychological requirements, lamps will have a greater change than ten years later. backpfrontp That is, the lighting industry will face a big step forward. Gan Zi-Zhao emphasized. backpfrontp second is optimization and intelligent LED street lighting system will develop very quickly. backpfrontp LED small size, low driving voltage, electrical performance is relatively easy to control, so, LED lighting and intelligent optimization of the overall system is inevitable, and from the energy, it's actually more efficient than the simple elements to improve optical efficiency. This brought about the development of electronics, electrical engineering, lighting and other aspects of the structure, in fact, is the birth of a new industry in the field, an estimated market value is considerable. Gan Zi-Zhao said. backpfrontp Third, LED gym lights will give rise to many new applications, which is derived from the number of new industries. backpfrontp first light environment industry. People say the sun, air and water are the conditions for life, the use of various wavelengths of LED, at a specified time, according to the set irradiation dose to make, promote and improve crops, livestock growth, as well as human healthy life. It is forming a considerable volume of industrial sectors. backpfrontp followed with a fiber-optic network combined with LED lighting system. LED tennis court lighting systems with a fiber-optic network and the user interface, simply is to use it to replace the now commonly used WiFi. It is not only the improvement of secrecy, with the important position of the lamp can be fixed as the user's location and navigation. This has important implications for logistics systems. It is estimated that it will develop into a new industry and massing comparable traditional lighting industry. Finally backpfrontp ultraviolet LED technology. Adjust GaN semiconductor alloy composition, can make LED emit ultraviolet light waves, such as short-wave 300 nm ultraviolet light. Respect for the printing industry, environmental protection industry, medical industry and so on, it would be a considerable scale industrial sector. backpfrontp conclusion, derived from the LED high bay lighting out of new applications and industry sectors, are being developed in the broad field of only three examples above, it is estimated that they will not develop the market below the market value of traditional LED lighting. Gan Zi-Zhao said. backpfrontp Fourth, LED lighting industry's biological brothers \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; nitride LD and wide band gap semiconductor electronics. backpfrontp have to say and LED essentially is another of LD. Gan Zi-Zhao said that the use of electronic optics GaN-based semiconductor alloy, due to the wide band gap material, mobility can achieve higher polarization effect of the larger carrier concentration, etc., in microwave electronics and electricity electronics has a great advantage. In particular, since the mechanical electric current huge development needs, and some even believe that the market value of such wide bandgap electronics will be on top of LED lighting. backp