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Branch Constant Parameter Set 1 Billion Shares In The First Three Quarters Of LED Research Fund Revenue Growth Of 10%

Mar 17, 2017

 [text / Engineering LED stadium lights Gan Qin] October 23, Branch constant shares (300340) released the first three quarterly reports, from January to September the company achieved operating income of 278 million yuan. Among them, the lithium material income 125 million yuan, an increase of 124.98 %%; LED works to achieve operating income of 22.054 million yuan,led stadium lighting an increase of 9.45%. IWC chairman Jiang backpfrontp Keheng shares, said the first three quarters, the company adopted the relevant diversified development model for self-development and extension of combined development, high power led flood light develop new products in the field of new projects, the current lithium cathode materials have been on the right track. In addition, research and development and promotion of 1000W LED flood light and other new rare earth luminescent materials are being conducted. backpfrontp IWC Jiang pointed out, in order to enhance the company's production capacity of rare earth luminescent materials company and the level of manufacturing, R \u0026 D center expansion project company's equity investment, annual output of 1,200 tons of rare earth luminescent material expansion projects and new rare earth luminescent materials industry project, EUP Directive and other standards rare earth luminescent materials industry has been ordered to carry out the project requirements. backpfrontp Moreover, LED tunnel lights IWC Jiang also revealed that, in order to give full play to advantages of the parties to achieve win-win situation, and reasonable to reduce the risk of a listed company that may exist due to merger integration, company intends to use its own or with self-financing funds and Qianhai Shenzhen Huarong research fund, jointly established Huarong Keheng buyout fund research investment partnership. backpfrontp The fund mainly invested in high-quality companies, Led arena lights through mergers and acquisitions fund for acquisition targets to invest in acquisitions, acquisition targets and to cultivate management, acquisition targets reached when the parties agreed merger terms at the Branch constant priority of the acquisition target shares for the acquisition, enhance the company's position of strength in order to promote in the industry. backpfrontp IWC Jiang Jieshao, LED gym lights the fund size of 10 billion yuan of funds invested time determined by the latter part of the project investment of time. Fund invests mainly in the direction of environmental protection and new materials industries. backp