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Blood 'fight' Price, T8 Lamps What Can We Come To 'save' You!

Oct 18, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] 2015, destined to be an extraordinary year, industrial enterprises have been unable to come to an LED stadium light illuminated alone one by one will be able to walk in the arena of years, The times are forcing us to have to get a little sense of innovation. Select the spin-off or be split, merger or listing, as well as to get government subsidies to build the plant, in short, you want to live a little novelty.Therefore, since the beginning of this year, under the stadium lights market spawned countless start a price war, everyone is sigh, we want to live out new ideas, we want to compete for the consumer market. Thus, a war of no smoke staged in full swing: a soaring someone, someone lost their jobs, LED industry in Taipei visible clues. And reportedly, giant Philips is not the face of a price war calm. backpbackpfrontp April 20, released by Philips still bright new family of machines, throws the future, Philips lamp prices according to the Buddha, Linsen high power led flood light cheaper pride remarks. Since then, Earth Day approaching, Philips released a Philips LED A19 LED bulb super cheap, priced at $ 4.97, and the introduction of buy one get one time-limited (90 days) affordable, proven to kill the low price of Philips Trader practices. Philips backpfrontp move intended to clear inventory, the guide price down, seek to further enhance the market share, while the price of $ 5 is the industry recognized the sweet spot, 1000W LED flood light bulb into the era of $ 5, will set off home market penetration, manufacturers build cost recovery is expected to accelerate. LED production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) senior analyst Lee germinal introduction. backpfrontp addition to Philips, GE (6 year launched GE Bright Stik LED, three for only $ 10, that is, one for only $ 3.33), Career (75W BR30 LED9W floodlights of the price, fell to $ 15, the new The second generation bulbs will cost just $ 10), Osram (February adhere expensive OSRAM LED T8 tube prices down to $ 20 or less, thereby experiencing triple from 90 yuan to 50 yuan and then to 20 yuan less, put low profile even more people).The face of a strong attack international giants, domestic public companies naturally will not fall behind. Op lighting, Foshan lighting, wood Linsen, Huaqiang, etc. have been added to the price of LED bay light T8 tube flame war, with the LED T8 tube price competition in the category fell 10 yuan, directly touch the bottom line margins and costs of public enterprises lamp products. backpfrontp Engineering LED investigation learned FSL classic series 15W 1500LM LEDT8 pure glass lamp price adjusted to 9.98 yuan / support; Op lighting LED T8 tube 9.90 yuan each; Sen lighting lamps LEDT8 price hit the lowest 8.8 yuan / support, Huaqiang state even T8 tube Chu Huojia prepared in the 6.8 yuan / support. backpfrontp LED industry's current low-price competition has been very intense, T8 lamp price decline is inevitable. Foshan led tunnel Lighting Although price levels to make some adjustments, but the product quality did not decline, but through the integration of resources, to transform and upgrade programs to reduce the price, the future direction of the product is still the high cost of consumption. General Manager of Foshan Lighting LED Division Chen Wenji mentioned. backpfrontp face of price cuts, and Foshan Lighting station is in the same position, of course, can not escape the industry's price butcher \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Sen, recently, Sen has been in Guangzhou started a forest battle apprenticeship will, and Op lighting, Foshan Lighting LED lighting and other industry chiefs start another universal storm, begun for comprehensive T8 lamps war. backpfrontp \u0026 lsquo; Mori Battle \u0026 rsquo; is the transformation of the war, Linsen initiative Looking this market inflection point, leading and guiding this new change in the situation, which would be like the Normandy landing in World War II, but this is a coalition of about LED lighting Co war. Currently detonated T8 of the war, which is the originator of the point-Sen promote the industry, but also to promote their own transformation, whether current or melee spared everyone the pain, but forcing anyone to think about this new change, a new change in the situation, new ideas, new values new rules, new normal. Linsen Marketing Center general manager Lin Jiliang mentioned.  GGII believes that 2015 is the LED lighting industry, the real turning point of the year, the price war but also to the best time. Changes in the proportion of LED and traditional lighting, began to enter the state 7 to 3, LED truly become dominant, from LED street lighting to gym light, which are two different times and system, LED lighting new era requires a new system to run, price where war has become increasingly important and effective way. The new round of price war broke out, so that users can effectively reduce the initial cost of replacement, whether it be to replace the traditional LED, or replace the LED is good or bad, can make LED bay light more popular, and led to more high-quality multi-level personalization The multi-faceted markets.