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Bigger Screen, You Must Know The Secret!

Jun 03, 2019

[Engineering] frontp LED stadium lights zhuangao With the rapid development of LED display technology, LED display applications gradually spread, as large-screen mobile phone market has been sought after, LED stadium lighting display has become bigger than bigger. In order to experience stunning visual feast, the pursuit of better advertising effectiveness, broader customer service people, outdoor LED large screen display needs heat is rising, it can be said, LED display large screen has been left in the country north and south beautiful shadows. backpfrontp such as: Millennium monument next to Big Wild Goose Pagoda strong giant color S6 146 meters backpbackpfrontp leading domestic and international trade fair to upgrade the annual Shengkuai Yun strong giant color S6 121 meters backpbackpfrontp affect thousands of families finance and investment securities company strong giant color S8 100 meters backpbackpfrontp High earthshaking waterpark strong giant color S10 60 square meters backpbackpfrontp brilliant inaugural Youth Games venue strong giant color S8 55 meters backpbackpfrontp popular overflowing commercial plaza strong giant color S10 120 meters backpbackpfrontp \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; backpfrontp both sites, or the bustling commercial Whether it is sports field, or entertainment field;; District Whether renowned Chinese and foreign industry event, or the window of urban civilization of the People's Square \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; outdoor LED flood lights large screen it has been widely used in various fields. In these places, you will find all abnormal eye-catching 1000W LED flood light large screen, outdoor LED large screen means that usually appear in the population concentrated, advertising effectiveness, wide influence in places. Because thousands of people watching, so for outdoor LED screen requirements can not tolerate the slightest careless. backpfrontp high power LED flood light large screen fear what? backpbackpfrontp 1, recurrent or small areas of dead screen is not bright backpfrontp we assume that 1 square meters of LED display has 10,000 tubes, a 300 square meters large screen, there 3,000,000, if Tube quality is, or is not durable, the bigger the screen, the longer, the probability of death does not shine lights or areas appear higher. Therefore, large screen LED gym lights The quality is particularly important. backpfrontp 2, consistency is poor, due to a large screen display unevenness backpfrontp multiple modules need to ensure consistency Screen becomes more difficult, in order to ensure consistency and excellent large-screen display, in addition to the requirements of high quality lamp outside, to the big screen with an advanced driver IC is also necessary. backpfrontp 3, poor weather, can not stand the test of time backpfrontp wet weather in the south, Component corrosive rust; dry and cold north, easy to produce static electricity. Weather vary in different geographical, large LED street lights, for weathering product requirements even higher, but the cause of many products due to climate problems, indeed compare upset. backpfrontp 4, power consumption, electricity is also high backpfrontp LED large screen, the larger the area, the greater their power consumption undoubtedly, is different, not the same brand, and their power is different, but the difference was not just a little piece of the application of LED street lighting large screen energy-saving technology, a year can easily save you electricity as high as a few dollars or even hundreds of thousands. backpfrontp big screen, with the S goddess backpbackpfrontp One reason: S goddess adopted country star power of gold, copper lamp holder end, bond wires using the above 99.99% pure Au wire drawing made with strong antioxidant; Bracket the copper bracket, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity make devices with longer life, better heat dissipation, the light fades smaller advantage. So that customers do not need to worry about dead spots or recurring small area of the screen does not light problem. backpfrontp two reasons: S goddess with high performance 2038 IC, thereby phasing out the common constant current IC, brightness increased by 6%, the effective elimination of ghosting, doubling the refresh rate increase, better consistency big screen, the display is more uniform, multi-angle effect as one, the picture is more comfortable and natural. backpfrontp Three reasons: S Goddess Golden Way using special thermal silica, water, high moisture, rapid cooling performance, to ensure that S goddess big screen around the country will not be due to climate and agitated, and reduce ongoing maintenance and prolong the life of the big screen. backpfrontp Four reasons: S goddess energy-using 4.5V power supply, 10% energy saving for the big screen, a year can save a good customer. backpfrontp LED large screen in various fields play an increasingly important role, LED tennis court lights the most prone to problems, we have eleven for you to solve, full-color nobility, the supreme experience! bigger screen, use S goddess! ( This article is a strong giant color contribution) backp