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Big Patent Battle Heating Up Again! Around The LED Industry Patent 'tear Force' War

Jan 05, 2017

 large international companies to the huge Chinese market coveted semiconductor lighting, making the domestic patent short board is just the right international giants, continue to put pressure on domestic enterprises patent. LED stadium lights patent disputes within the industry is not new, and then from the chip to the package material, the patent war has been accompanied by the development of the whole industry. Cree global patent war suffered a small setback in Taiwan LED stadium lighting packaging plant Wang Qi Technology succeeded in getting its Cree name of Huizhou Career semiconductor lighting device and method for mounting electronic components of Chinese patent (Patent No: 200780015100.X) is invalid. Wang Qi Technology said in a statement that the invalidity proceedings hinges on December 22, 2014 commissioned by Beijing with Li Jun to launch Intellectual Property Agency Ltd., China State Intellectual Property Office Patent Reexamination Board on July 26, 2015 officially declared the patent All right invalid. Cree was Fett electrical LED patent infringement complaint in 2015, Feit Electric Company, announced in the United States, North Carolina Central District Court filed a patent infringement lawsuit to block Cree continue to sell 4FLOW high power LED flood light bulbs, while seeking damages to Cree companies. Fett electrical claimed, Cree's 4FLOW LED bulb infringed its US Patent No. 8,408,748 and 9,016,901. East Bay CREE complaints made to counter-action in 2015, the patent litigation Cree proposed Opto had also responded that the company convinced that their own products without any infringement, to defend its interest with customers and shareholders, will be positive against Cree, it is expected to discuss with a lawyer after, to be put forward counter-action complaint against Cree. Cree and Cree Xuming parties stalled reconciliation with SemiLEDs patent battle lasted more than a year, the two sides agreed to end a year of patent infringement litigation. SemiLEDs agreed to implement a ban will take effect Oct. 1, 2012, to ban the import and sale of SemiLEDs by defendants accused of products in the United States, and for the past damage caused by a one-time payment to Cree. GE Lighting Science infringement complaint was dismissed allegations include GE Lighting LSG, including six LED LED manufacturers infringed two of its patents, US Patent No. 6,787,999, respectively, called modular 1000W LED flood light source product patents, and U.S. Patent No. 6,799,864, entitled high-power LED lighting module for power pack patents. August 2015, Lighting Science Group announced that the US District Court for the northern Ohio LSG granted summary judgment motion and declare certain patents invalid GE Lighting, GE Lighting for LSG simultaneously dismissed patent infringement claims. Nichia sued one hundred million Photonics WOFI infringement August 31, 2015, Nichia to the District Court Dusseldorf, Germany, for the German subsidiary of Taiwan-billion WOFI complaint alleged patent infringement of Nichia. Nichia sued WOFI The company is based on the latest patent granted of YAG (ie EP080 and EP053), requested the court issued a permanent injunction, ordered WOFI make relevant books and award damages. Million white LED tunnel light patent dispute victory Nichia light billion light in April 2012 for Nichia white LED US Patent No. US 5998925 and US 7531960, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan filed a patent invalid and non-infringement claims. April 22, 2015, the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan jury were patented non-progressive, non-enforceability of patents and other reasons, the right to decide entry Nichia claimed in whole invalid. As early as March 2012 Everlight also filed Nichia white LED high bay light German Patent No. DE 69702929 (EP 0936682) the patent is invalid lawsuit to the German Federal Patent Court. German Federal Patent Court in September 2014 was to make the patent invalid the decision, the content includes all rights to the patent are invalid entries, Nichia need to burden referee fees. Seoul Semiconductor LED patent infringement allegations Craig Electronics 2014 Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) Craig submitted a patent infringement lawsuit in the Southern District Court of Florida. Litigation including a core technology to produce LED chip manufacturing technology, LED arena light packaging technology, lens technology, and the backlight unit (BLU) technology. In July 2015, with the latest results of litigation. Court of its five patent infringement and patent validity was confirmed. Dow v. Kang US special infringement disallowed May 18, 2015, the State Intellectual Property Office of the Patent Reexamination Board formally issued a document declaring Dow Corning's patent No. ZL 03824673.2 No. Patent - curable organopolysiloxane composition and use The composition of the semiconductor device manufacturing patent invalid all. High refractive silicone encapsulated LED tennis court lights high-end industries, Japanese companies Dow v. Domestic enterprises Kang US special infringement cases entangled for almost a year. This relates to the patent battle innovative research and development results attributable finally settled OSRAM sued ASUS violated its white LED patent in May 2015, Osram announced in tort against Taiwan consumer electronics manufacturers Asustek's patent litigation, to win the first instance verdict . Osram claims that some of the first generation of white LED gym lights Asus Nexus 7 tablet infringes its patents used in German DE 196 55 185. Dusseldorf Regional Court granted an injunction Osram, and award damages to the ASUS company must cause Osram patent infringement. ASUS filed an appeal against this decision, but OSRAM is initiated enforcement. Japan won the Nobel prize to detonate blue LED patent battle in Tokushima former Nichia Chemical Company is engaged in research and development of Shuji Nakamura, in the early 1990s developed a blue LED. Nakamura in 2001 with the company to court, asked to pay 20 billion yen. Since then the court after repeated persuasion, eventually the two sides to 840 million yen (about 44.02 million yuan) to reach a settlement. Zumtobel Group strictly protected Tridonic LED patent Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., together with Japan, Germany LeuchtstoffwerkBreitungen GmbH and LitecGbR composed BOSE Union, owned by the blue RGB LED flood light and the yellow silicate phosphor to generate white foundation of patented technology. In March 2015, under the authority of BOSE Union, Tridonic its alliance held that the infringement BOSE patents EP1352431 B1 AOC International (Europe) BV and AOC International (Europe) GmbH filed a patent infringement lawsuit. Summary: Business is war. The market is constantly changing, in order to successfully survive in the market, and a breakthrough development, there must be a surprise move weapons. Price competition is not the best, cost-effective has long been talks about the various companies. Patent, the previous lack of emphasis on the word, is increasingly being mentioned.